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5 Reasons Why You Should Get Truck Blind Spot Monitors

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Do you get nervous about your truck’s blind spots on the road? It is a common problem many drivers face, as keeping track of your sides on a highway can be challenging, especially when changing lanes. If you do not make the right decision, it could result in a fatal road accident. Even side mirrors do not give accurate results if a vehicle enters your blind spots.

To avoid collisions, it is essential to learn about truck blind spots. Then, you can plan out different techniques to prevent accidents in these spots. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about this subject and why you should install sensors for your truck blind spots. Let’s get started!


What Are The Blind Spots Of A Truck?

Blind spots are a serious problem in every vehicle. These areas are not visible from the rearview mirrors, and they vary depending on a vehicle’s size. For instance, blind spots of car are smaller, while trucks have larger, even more so than the blind spots of a bus.

You might be surprised that all four sides are truck blind spots, including the front, rear, left, and right. Let’s look at all the truck blind spots in detail:


1. The Front

Generally, the front side is not considered a blind spot in cars and motorbikes, but that’s not the case with trucks. When a vehicle gets in a truck’s 3m to 8m range from directly front, it becomes invisible. That’s because the truck’s front bumper hides the vehicle, making it impossible for the driver to detect that.

Maintaining a distance greater than 8m from the truck’s front bumper is recommended for car drivers. This way, it can be easier for the truck driver to see the other vehicles and make decisions accordingly.

2. The Rear

Commercial trucks have containers attached to them, making them way longer to monitor via a rearview mirror. Thus, many accidents occur when a truck is reversing from a parking space.

3. The Right (Passenger’s Side)

The truck’s right side is the most dangerous area for other vehicles. That is because the right-side mirror is far from the driver’s vision, making it nearly impossible to view oncoming cars. And this is the area where most accidents occur with trucks.

4. The Left (Driver’s Side)

While not as dangerous as the passenger’s side, the left area of the truck is still one of the truck blind spots. The side mirror can help, but only to some extent. A vehicle approaching from an adjacent lane will enter the truck’s blind spot. Hence, the driver might be unable to detect it from the side mirror.

5. Common Causes Of Accidents In Truck Blind Spots

Accidents and collisions are common in transport trucks. Since the driver’s view is unclear, it is possible to make a wrong decision. But let’s go through some of the most common causes of accidents in these spots to provide you with a clearer picture:


  1. If the other vehicles are too close to the truck, it can result in a collision. Note that trucks are larger vehicles and require more space on the road. As a truck driver, always maintain a safe distance from other cars on all four sides.
  2. Not checking the truck blind spots before turning or changing lanes is one of the most common reasons for accidents. Always double-check the road via your side mirrors to stay safe.
  3. A truck driver needs to notify other vehicles before changing a lane. Doing this action without any signal can cause fatal accidents. And this usually happens due to the truck driver’s fatigue, causing them to drive with less care.
  4. Another common cause of accidents is a blurry or unclear side mirror. Although rearview mirrors are not very useful in truck blind spots, they can detect oncoming or adjacent vehicles. But if they are not clean, they will obstruct the view.
  5. Distracted driving can cause you to collide with other vehicles. If you are not paying attention to the road or truck blind spots, you can hit nearby cars when turning or changing lanes.

What Can You Do About The Truck Blind Spots?

As a truck driver, you can take some precautions to handle truck blind spots. This way, you can reduce the chances of road collisions and ensure maximum protection. Here are all the steps you can take about the big truck blind spots:

1. Notify Before You Move

It is a fundamental driving safety rule to alert when you change lanes or turn. In the case of a truck, it is even more necessary. Always notify other vehicles of your next move on the highway, as it can help you prevent accidents.

2. Position Your Mirrors Well

A truck blind spots mirror can be helpful if you utilize them correctly. The first thing to do is position them efficiently. This way, you can get the maximum view of your truck blind spots from your mirrors. Moreover, you can install more mirrors in different places to get the monitor as much area as possible.


3. Stick to the Driver’s Side

The most important thing to consider is avoiding the passenger side, which is the most vulnerable blind spot. For that, you can keep your truck to the driver’s side unless you are overtaking a vehicle.

4. Maintain Your Side Mirrors

Your truck’s mirrors can get dirty, blurring the road’s view. You should clean them regularly, especially when the weather is intense. Otherwise, you would not get even a glimpse of your truck blind spots.

5. Install Truck Blind Spot Monitors

A truck blind spot monitor is the best way to ensure maximum safety while driving trucks. Although other methods also help, they are constrained and risky. On the other hand, truck blind spot monitoring sensors can detect what even side mirrors can not.

They actively monitor the road and alert the driver about a vehicle within proximity. They work with radar-based sensors, which work in all weather conditions effectively.

5 Reasons You Should Install Truck Blind Spot Monitors

A blind spot monitoring system is very helpful as it remains active on the road. It sends alerts to keep the driver notified of their truck blind spots. Here are 5 reasons you should install these sensors on your truck:


1. Minimize The Chances Of Road Accidents

Own safety is every driver’s priority. But it is a bit different when it comes to driving trucks. They are heavier vehicles, and any collision can fatally damage smaller cars and vehicles. However, truck blind spot monitors are beneficial as they reduce the chances of such accidents. They trigger notifications about the haul truck blind spots, enabling the driver to make the right decisions.

2. Cover A Large Area

The area coverage of blind spot monitors varies depending on the model. But one thing is the same it monitors more efficiently than side mirrors. The 79G ZR79-01R system can detect vehicles up to 0.3m horizontally and 7m vertically. In simple words, it is an excellent detection range for truck blind spots.

3. Less Stress On The Road

A truck driver is more stressed on the road than an average car driver due to the large vehicle size. Additionally, trucks are usually driven for transport and other heavy-duty jobs. How do you minimize the stress so the driver can focus on the road? The most efficient method is to use blind spot sensors.

It is an assistive driving system that keeps your eyes on the road. This way, the driver can have one less thing to worry about.

4. Different Models Available

Another reason you should opt for a blind spot monitoring system is its convenience. You will find it in various models with different functions. Each has a unique area coverage and alert system. For instance, some blind spot sensors trigger notifications via flashing lights while some systems notifies via audible chimes or beeps.

Similarly, the placement can also vary with the blind spot sensor model. Generally, they are placed on the side mirrors or the A-pillar near the window.

5. Work in All Conditions

Side mirrors offer an obstructed view in extreme weather conditions, such as rain or snow. But that’s not the case with blind spot monitors. They use radar waves to detect vehicles so they are not affected by weather conditions.

Moreover, most blind spot sensors do not need maintenance like cleaning. You can read about that in your model’s manufacturer manual.

Bonus Reason: Improve Your Driving

It can be overwhelming if you are a new truck driver. But it does not have to be because blind spot monitors can help you enhance your skills on highways and busy roads. When you are more secure and notified of your truck blind spots, you become a confident driver.


Truck blind spots are dangerous for itself and other vehicles nearby. The right way to tackle these situations is with a blind spot monitoring system. You can get it installed on your truck to add a layer of safety and protection. The radar-based sensors notify you of other cars, making driving easier on highways.

The best part is that these blind spot monitors come in universal models. That means you do not have to get one specifically for your truck blind spots. Buy any model that fits your budget and requirements, and it can be installed on your truck without any complications.

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