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4 Reasons Why You Need A Motorcycle Blind Spot Detection System

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According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, motorcycle blind spot detection systems are the most widely used products to prevent crashes. Is that why the European Union made it a regulatory law to use it? Yes, its effectiveness is one of the factors, but it isn’t alone! There are plenty of necessities while riding a bike that this system fulfills. Besides that, the product has numerous advantages hidden for the rider. Motorcycle blind spot detection system

This write-up will enlist most of them. Plus, it will summarize why, as a rider, you must have a motorcycle blind spot detection system installed. The fun doesn’t stop just there! You’ll get a free guide based on expert opinions. It will help you get your system with minimum effort.

1. Additional Assistance

Normally, people consider motorbikes to be a safe and easy transport source. However, these are much unsafe and insecure in real life. Besides, these vehicles make drivers prone to collisions. The reason is their uncovered form. This, and many other reasons, demand an extra assisting hand for the motorbikes. The reasons include:

  • Imperfect vision
  • Conditional performance
  • Unsafe morphology

You can use plenty of other options to get additional assistance. However, only the motorcycle blind spot detection system proves to be ideal. The reason is its accurate performance and perfect alert strategy. Furthermore, while choosing your system, ensure it will ideally serve the purpose.

2. Abide By The Law

Futuristic countries like Canada and the United Kingdom made it a law for motorbikers to use the blind spot system. For that reason, motorcycles’ unwilling collision rates dropped drastically in those areas.

According to the ATIC, European Union stated three separate regulations for blind spot systems:

  1. UN ECE R151: The regulation for a system to monitor the left-hand drive vehicle’s right side.
  2. UN ECE R158: For the system to monitor the rear vehicle side.
  3. UN ECE R159: Regulates the radar system to monitor the frontal vehicle portion.

blind spot system

The implication date was 6 July 2022. So, all these regulations are now in place and active. Besides these regulations, the ATIC has a complete certificate program for motorbikers. Hence, it helps them have proof of the blind spot monitor integration.

3. Monitor Blind Spots

A motorbike is a pretty easy vehicle to drive. However, that doesn’t mean it is equally safe. The ease of driving comes from its small size and better vision than a car. Still, it can be difficult for some motorbikers to monitor their surroundings while riding.

Some states make it a vital necessity for riders to wear a helmet. Eventually, it saves them from possible injury in a collision. But, most of the time, the helmet is why accidents happen in the first place.

Once riders put on the helmets, they get completely cut off from their lateral sides. As a result, anything coming from the sides won’t be visible to the rider. To counter this error, you can use two separate solutions:

  • Blind spot mirrors.
  • Motorcycle blind spot detection systems.

Both these help you actively monitor the unseen zones. Plus, they prevent vehicle damage. However, only one of these is perfect and beneficial enough. Motorcycle blind spot mirrors are wide-view appliances. Riders use them for enhanced viewing angles. Undoubtedly, it does cover most blind spots and is better than nothing. However, that doesn’t make them equally befitting compared to the blind spot systems.

Even with the wide angles, blind spot mirrors will miss important parts. However, the motorcycle blind spot detection systems don’t leave an inch unmonitored. Other than that, the blind spot mirrors will never let you monitor the no zones nonstop. You’ll have to get your head up and your eyes away from the mirror. Thus it will leave you vulnerable again.

Fortunately, that doesn’t happen with the blind spot system use. It can provide you with non-stop observation of blind spots. Besides, it helps you stay alert with the use of warning lights.

4. Early Alert Collision Prevention

If you knew there was a car just below your right side, would you turn the motorbike that way? Absolutely not! That will get you and your motorbike in the hazard range. So, you won’t risk merging in the coming vehicle. This prevention will result in better handling. Plus, it helps make accurate decisions while riding. And that’s exactly what motorcycle blind spot detection gives you.

Unlike blind spot mirrors, the systems use different alerting procedures to help you assess the danger. It is not just a single light but two separate warning indicators. Thus, the rider knows better about the side having the risk object.

To alert the rider, multiple systems use different tactics. Typically, two methods are in trend nowadays:

  • Indicator lights
  • Buzzer

blind spot detection warning light

The buzzer includes a small speaker. This speaker prompts a beeping sound whenever it detects any possible hazard. You may think the warning as annoying because the repetitive detection triggers the buzzer. However, that’s not the case. Ideal motorcycle blind spot detection systems create buzzer sound only if you turn in that direction.

So, if you keep the turning indicator on while there’s an object in the blind spot, the buzzer will start creating a sound. The sound is more of a series of beeps. Besides, these will stop only if you switch off the turn signal.

Guide To Choose An Ideal Motorcycle Blind Spot Detection System

Undoubtedly, every motorcycle on the road needs a blind spot system. It enhances the safety of others and itself. But it isn’t just the same single product everyone sells. There are tons of variations in these monitoring systems that make them specific for distinct motorbikes. Due to this massive range of options, riders get confused about choosing the perfect product. Below you’ll get a list of factors you must keep in mind before choosing your system.


Manufacturers make every blind spot system different from the others, just as the motorbikes are built differently. Thus, a single product can never perform with perfection on every motorbike. You should explore the market with your motorbike make, model, and variant to find a specific system.

Still, if you are still looking for one, try to go for a credible store that sells universal products. We are talking about the aftermarket stores that have motorcycle blind spot detection systems compatible after a certain model year. Some products are ideal for all the latest motorbikes launched after 2012 and others before.

Technical Specification Need

Other than your motorbike compatibility, there are some functionality factors only you can assess better. As a motorbike’s sole owner and rider, you would know what the experience is missing. If you decide to install a motorcycle blind spot detection system on the vehicle, you will have an idea of what your motorbike needs. For that reason, you can judge better what elements of the product you need and which one you can ditch.

Still, if you don’t know what parameters to determine before buying, here’s a list for your help.

1. Detection Range And Accuracy

This factor depends more on the route and way you ride the motorbike. If your course is mainly on a highway with a high-speed limit, you would need a system that covers an extra area. As a result, you’ll get additional time to act according to the warning. The ideal range of motorcycle blind spot detection is within 30 to 50 meters. As for accuracy, there is little difference in products. However, you must go for products that accurately distinguish objects within the 0.1 to 0.3-meter range.

blind spot right detection

2. Alerting Sub System

This factor also has its fundamental basis in a rider’s behavior. It is only accessible by the rider whether the light position or buzzer sound is ideal for warning. Some riders don’t pay attention to the warning lights, or they don’t have visual access to the lights because of their motorbike shape. If you are one of them, try to go for the motorcycle blind spot detection system having a buzzer or adjustable indicator lights. Therefore, even if the buzzer stops working, you can adjust indicators in such a place that they are easily noticeable.

3. Installation Requirement

Always go for the systems that have a relatively easy installation procedure. Many products are available in the market that is cheaper than other options. However, they are equally difficult to install. Eventually, you’ll have to call a professional for the installation and spend far more than the actual price. Therefore, review the product thoroughly and find the one that has the minimum mess for installation. Moreover, some start-ups or aftermarket stores provide free installation deals that help you integrate your product without errors through experienced assistance. Keep your eyes open for deals like these, and tend to choose them over other competing options.

4. Cost

Price is another factor you must consider before buying a blind spot system for your motorbike. Some original equipment manufacturers demand humongous cash for minimum service products. However, the same thing is available inside the aftermarket stores. Why would anyone want to waste thousands of dollars getting the same thing if one can have that for a few dollars? The ideal motorcycle blind spot detection system ranges from 100 $ to 300 $. Choosing anything below this range will compromise the quality. In contrast, anything above it would be a waste of money.

Key Takeaway

Motorcycles are fast and easy to transport. However, the same things make them much more dangerous. Since nowadays, most motorbike collisions are all due to blind spots, a motorcycle blind spot detection system is an ideal safety strategy.

These systems can help you have extra assistance in monitoring the zones. Therefore, you can act better to assure your safety. That’s not it! There are plenty of other reasons why you’ll need it. Even if you are confused about how to choose one ideal for your motorbike, we’ve got you covered. Our company has rigorously tested blind spot monitoring systems ready to use on the road and installed in minutes. Got any queries left? Hit us up and we’ll be happy to assist you in every matter.

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