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5 Reasons Why Motorcycle Blind Spot Solution Is Necessary?

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The fatalities among motorcycle riders have increased by 8% in just one year. This number highlights the alarming spike in road accidents involving motorcycles. Moreover, it shows that the death rate in these crashes has grown by 28%. In short, riding a bike today is more dangerous than ever.

The majority of these accidents can be avoided using a motorcycle blind spot solution. That’s because these areas are the most dangerous parts of any vehicle, including a bike. But what are these solutions, and why do you need them? Let’s go through all of them and tell you the latest technology to minimize your chances of road accidents!


Does Motorcycle Have Blind Spots?

The short answer is yes. Motorcycles do have blind spots, even though their radius and area may vary depending on the bike’s model and type. Generally, the size of blind spots can rely on the following three factors:

  • Motorcycle build
  • Rider’s height
  • Side-view Mirrors


Typically, a motorcycle has smaller blind spots than a car or truck. However, these are the same parts: rear left and rear right. Also called no-zones, these areas might not be visible to your mirror’s default positioning. You can change the position, but still, it wouldn’t offer a clear view.

Most motorcycle riders turn their heads to look at these dangerous areas. Generally, they do that before turning or changing lanes to detect an oncoming vehicle in the blind spots. While it can help, a rider would be prone from the immediate front when looking at the rear left or right.

And that leads us to another question: do motorcycles have blind spot detection? Most modern bikes do have a built-in system to monitor their blind spots. If not, you can always opt for an aftermarket model!

Danger Of Being In Other Vehicles’ Blind Spots

Motorcycle riders have an additional danger to worry about. Since they are smaller and more narrow, they can enter another vehicle’s blind spots. Most older blind spot monitoring technologies don’t detect smaller means of transport, like bikes, longboards, etc.

Thus, other cars, SUVs, or trucks might not notice your motorcycle entering their blind spots. As a result, that can lead to fatal accidents, especially when these vehicles turn or change lanes.

What are the Motorcycle Blind Spot Solutions?

Like a car, you will find many motorcycle blind spot solutions. These include some techniques and technologies you can use to avoid accidents in your bike’s no-zones. Let’s go through these solutions one by one to provide a clearer picture:

1. Safety Gear

The first thing to consider is wearing safety gear when riding motorcycles. That includes essentials like a jacket, gloves, boots, and protective pants. These items can minimize the impact of an accident while keeping you warm simultaneously.

Then comes the additional gear, like a helmet, to save you from head injuries. Many riders also wear motorcycle armor to protect their hips and knees. This gear can tackle fatal injuries involved in blind spot crashes.

2. Avoid Other’s Blind Spots

While driving a motorcycle, it’s not only your blind spots that you have to worry about. You can enter a car’s no-zone without them noticing, leading to a devastating collision. Hence, the best practice is maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles and avoiding blind spots.

3. Make the Most Out Of Your Mirrors

It is essential to know that there are various types of motorcycle mirrors, including fairing, bar-end, and bar-mounted mirrors. Which one should you choose? Well, that depends entirely on your bike’s type and your personal preferences.

Secondly, positioning a mirror is equally important as buying the right one. You can get a better view by adjusting it from its default position.

4. Follow the Traffic Rules

Most accidents occur due to vehicles not following traffic laws. It is best to adopt safe driving practices, like planning your route, notifying others of your next move, riding under the speed limit, and double-checking before making a move.

What’s the Best Motorcycle Blind Spot Solution?

While many of these techniques are helpful, they work better with driving assistance technologies. You can combine your safety practices with a motorcycle blind spot radar. It covers a significant area, monitoring your blind spots and alarming you when a vehicle enters. In turn, you can make well-versed decisions, escaping fatal scenarios before they occur.


Why is this system the best motorcycle blind spot solution? The following reasons will tell you why:

  • It has enough area coverage to detect other motorcycles, cars, or SUVs in your blind spots.
  • It takes away the challenge of turning your head and double-checking before every move.
  • You can get the hang of it quickly due to its straightforward working mechanism.
  • A motorcycle blind spot detection system works in all weather conditions, including rain, snow, fog, etc.
  • The sensors offer accurate results and aren’t affected by outdoor elements, like dirt or debris.
  • This motorcycle blind spot solution doesn’t require frequent maintenance, such as a special mirror or camera.
  • It comes built-in in most modern motorcycle releases and is available in various aftermarket versions, making it accessible.

5 Reasons to Adopt Motorcycle Blind Spot Solution

Are you wondering why to equip a motorcycle blind spot solution? Here are 5 reasons to convince you:


1. Higher Fatality

A motorcycle is comparatively more dangerous than a car or SUV. One reason is its open and unprotected build, making you prone from all four directions. Alternatively, a car is covered from all sides to minimize the chances of accidents.

According to a study, motorcycle accidents have an 80% death or fatal injury rate, while car crashes have only 20%. Furthermore, the fatality chances are also higher in motorcycles, precisely 30 times more than in other vehicles.

2. The Spike in Accidents

Today, motorcycle accidents are more common than ever. According to a report by Forbes, the fatalities in bike crashes have spiked 20% over the last decade. This study also concludes that these accidents accounted for 14% of all road deaths.

Why is that? One reason is the rise in global traffic. Regardless of your country, you may have noticed a considerable increase in vehicles. That makes riding a motorcycle more risky, especially on busy highways and roads.

3. Human Errors

According to a study, 98% of fatal accidents occur due to human error. What are these mistakes? There could be many of them, like not double-checking, exceeding the speed limit, etc. These mistakes can be minimized by using a motorcycle blind spot solution. This intelligent device doesn’t require human input, working with its smart sensors and monitoring the surroundings.

4. Doesn’t Require Tech-Savvy

Do you have no experience using motorcycle blind spot solutions? There is no need to worry. A motorcycle blind spot radar is a straightforward assistance device. Even motorcyclists with no tech background can understand the simplified workflow of this system involving the following three steps:

  • Sensors emit radar waves to monitor the surroundings.
  • Radar waves detect a vehicle and trigger the alert system.
  • The alert system sends audible or visual notifications to the motorcycle rider.

5. Protection from Blind Spots

Many practices can help you avoid blind spot accidents, but only to some extent. Ultimately, you have to opt for a solution for maximum protection. And the best option is a motorcycle blind spot detection system. It can work throughout all weather conditions and accurately calculate a vehicle’s distance and speed. Thus, you will have minimal to zero chances of getting involved in a blind spot crash.

Is Government Making Motorcycle Blind Spot Solution Mandatory?

The dangers and risks of motorcycle blind spots are now being recognized globally. World Health Organization (WHO) recently published new guidelines highlighting the evidence and case studies of bike accidents. More importantly, this guideline is designed for low to middle-income countries because of their higher population of motorcyclists.

Furthermore, Global NCAP also launched its #StopTheCrash campaign in Indonesia. It showed the dangers of a motorcycle’s blind spots and presented viable solutions, like blind spot detection, automated braking, and electronic stability control.

Another thing to notice is that governments of different countries, like the US, promote famous motorcycle companies to release their new models with blind spot solutions. This step leads to more models with factory-built systems, like a blind spot monitor, in motorcycles.

Accessibility to Blind Spot Detection System

The ultimate motorcycle blind spot solution, a detection system, is widely available in the market. A huge part of that credit goes to the government, importing and renting manufacturers the required space. It has created a significant increase in the rise of aftermarket blind spot monitors.

Today, you have manufacturers like OYI Electronics that provide motorcycle detection systems at affordable prices for businesses and individuals.

OYI company's factory areaConclusion

Equipping your bike with a motorcycle blind spot detection is the way to go. It helps you stay protected and become part of a safer future. As road traffic continues to increase, it is the best time to get a motorcycle blind spot solution. But this device alone wouldn’t work wonders. The most effective technique is to combine this system with your safety practices.

Choosing a reliable company is highly recommended to buy this driving assistance device. Luckily, you have a variety of options, such as OYI Electronics, that maintain a 98% success rate in their products!

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