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4 Reasons Why Car Blind Spot Sensors Have Become Essential In Today’s Traffic

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Road accidents have become the leading cause of death for people aged between 5 to 29. Last year, about 1.3 million individuals died due to traffic injuries. These reports suggest that driving today is more dangerous than ever. But that should not mean we avoid driving. Instead, we should go for the new safety technologies to save ourselves and our loved ones. According to driving experts, the leading cause of accidents is the blind spots. That’s mainly because these areas are practically invisible for the driver to monitor.

Many solutions to neutralize the threat of blind spots are available. Some experts recommend positioning your side view mirrors well, which can only help to some extent. However, the ultimate solution is installing a car blind spot sensor. How does it help, and why is it essential in today’s environment? Let’s find out!


Basic Premise Of Car Blind Spot Sensor

Basically, a car blind spot sensor keeps you updated on your vehicle’s no zones. This assistive driving system alerts you when another vehicle enters your blind spots. It has a limited detection range and an alarm system to notify the driver.

In simple words, a car blind spot sensor works in the following three steps:

  • Sensors emit millimeter radar waves.
  • Any nearby vehicle gets detected by these waves.
  • The driver receives a notification of the vehicle entering their blind spots.


Thus, the basic premise of a blind spot detection system is safety. It notifies drivers of other vehicles’ presence so that they can make informed decisions. As a result, they can tackle challenging scenarios that would otherwise cause fatal accidents.

Types Of Car Blind Spot Sensor

A car blind spot sensor can be classified on multiple basis. Let’s look at them one by one for a better understanding.

1. Classification by Model

The simplest way to classify blind spot sensors into two types is via their models. You will find aftermarket and factory-installed systems in cars and trucks.

Factory-installed blind spot detection systems come pre-installed in a car. They are designed to meet the requirements of that specific vehicle model. However, aftermarket systems are more flexible and universal, meaning you can install them in any car, regardless of its model.

2. Classification by Components

Another way to classify blind spot monitors is by their components. Some systems use cameras instead of sensors. Similarly, some models combine both and are known as hybrids. You will also find different sensor systems, including radar, ultrasonic, and lidar. However, the most used sensors are of the radar technology. They are more safe and weather-resistant.

3. Classification by Alert Systems

Many blind spot detection systems have audible alarms, like chimes and beeps. Alternatively, others include a flashing LED light for visual notifications. Modern systems are hybrids, including both lights and buzzers.

Can Car Blind Spot Sensors Save You From Fatal Accidents?

Many drivers, especially inexperienced ones, don’t know the importance of driving assistance technologies. A car blind spot sensor is a highly effective device that can pull you out of fatal accidents. How is that? Well, the system alerts you whenever such situations are initiated. This way, you can decide your next move.


Another thing to consider is the system’s accuracy. You can rely on the results of blind spot sensors due to the precise measurement of oncoming vehicle’s speed and distance. Buying this assistive technology from a reliable manufacturer, such as OYI Electronic, is highly recommended. They maintained their success rate of 98% with system testing in different scenarios.

A car blind spot sensor can help you become a more aware driver. Using this system can be a plus point if you are a new driver. It can help develop essential skills like decision-making and quick responsiveness.

4 Reasons Car Blind Spot Sensor Is Essential For Today Traffic

Today’s traffic demands driving assistance technologies more than ever. The following reasons prove why you need a blind spot sensor to stay safe on dangerous roads and highways:

1. Alarming Number of Accidents

According to Forbes, the number of fatal accidents increased by 7% between 2019 and 2020. Additionally, 35,766 deadly crashes occurred in the US in 2020. The deaths caused by these impacts and injuries were up to 38,824.

The most alarming thing about this study is the increase in only one year and one country. You can multiply this number exponentially to estimate the number of reported accidents globally. The UN General Assembly even set a target of global injuries and deaths from traffic accidents by 2030.

The common factor in most accidents is human error, making wrong decisions at the wrong time. That’s why a car blind spot sensor is highly recommended, as it minimizes the chances of mistakes in the most dangerous areas of a vehicle.

2. Increase In Traffic

Road traffic decreased during the global Covid-19 pandemic. The Government of the UK conducted a study on this subject. They found that motor vehicle traffic has increased by 8.8% from 2021 to 2022.

The majority of vehicles on roads and highways are cars. However, researchers have also observed a drastic increase in heavy and commercial vehicle traffic. These are extremely dangerous due to their large magnitude.

In today’s traffic, you must repeatedly double-check all sides, especially on busy roads. While it is a good practice, it’s not very effective. It can cause stress and lead to human errors. A car blind spot sensor removes this burden, keeping you updated on your surroundings.

3. Government’s Response

Many countries have understood the dangers of a car blind spot sensor. The most notable response was by Italy. After the exponential increase in road accidents in Milan, the government is revising its commercial vehicle policies. They have raised a point to make blind spot sensors mandatory.

The City Council even presented the stats showing decreased accidents using driving assistance technologies, like blind spot monitors. Even though they have not made a final decision, it is an excellent step. Thus, buying this system is now more beneficial than ever. You can drive safely and comply with the changing government policies simultaneously.

4. Flooded Market

Today, the market is snowballed with driving assistance technologies. Most modern car releases from major brands now include blind spot detection systems. So, these devices are now more accessible than ever.

You can easily find a reliable manufacturer to get this system for your car. And with its easy installation, you can upgrade your vehicle within minutes. Make sure to take your time and research the type of blind spot sensor system you require. You can always consult a professional company, like OYI Electronic, for assistance.

What Should You Know About Car Blind Spot Sensor Installation?

The car blind spot sensor installation process is pretty straightforward. But there are some prerequisites to consider. Here are all of them:


1. Installation Method

Firstly, the installation method can vary depending on the model. If you have a wireless blind spot detection system, it requires less effort. That’s because you don’t have to worry about running cables and removing parts of your car.

That said, a wired system is not challenging to install either. You just have to worry about hiding the cables under the car seats. Otherwise, the interior might look unorganized and messy.

2. Number of Sensors

Most systems have two sensors, while some have only one. Generally, this component is installed in the car’s rear bumper. However, the placement can vary depending on the sensor type. You can read that in the product’s manual or consult the manufacturer. You can also get professional assistance if you face any difficulty.

3. Alert System Placement

The alarm systems have different placements. Generally, the LED lights are set up on the side-view mirrors. But this position changes if you choose a system that has buzzers with lights. Then, it would sit on the A-pillar near the window. The best car blind spot sensor is one that offers convenience to the driver. So they can understand its alerts and make well-versed outcomes.

4. Additional Devices

The blind spot sensor cost is calculated by its additional functions. Most systems offer collision warning, automated braking, and GPS assistance. These features are extra helpful to drivers but come with more accessories.

Installing this additional equipment can be challenging, especially if you are inexperienced. That is why you should always read the manual for specific instructions.

5. System Type

Lastly, the installation process can differ depending on your system’s type. For instance, a blind spot monitor with a camera will have a screen instead of sensors and alert systems. Understanding your system’s specifications is highly recommended before installation.


A car blind spot sensor is one of the best driving assistance technologies. It has proven its effectiveness by reducing road crashes. Moreover, it minimizes the impacts of a traffic accident. That is why the device is now getting officially recommended by governments.

Since the market is snowballed with a variety of systems, you can easily find one that fits your needs. But it is always better to research different models, considering your budget and requirements. Then, you can pick the best car blind spot sensor to keep you protected on the road.

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