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Which Engineer Truck Collision Solution Should You Choose?

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Driving a truck for long hours can be pretty exhausting. In fact, most truck accidents occur due to driver fatigue or distraction. That happens because an average truck driver works for about 8 to 12 hours per day. Since they don’t get enough rest, their lack of attention on the road leads to fatal crashes. But did you know that the use of technology has grown exponentially in the truck industry? Now, a new technology called truck collision system is introduced.

An engineer truck collision solution prevents accidents by minimizing human error. It gives you a view of those areas that are otherwise invisible to a driver. As a result, you can steer clear of impactful accidents and drive safely. But the questions are, how to avoid truck accidents, and which solution should you choose? Let’s find out in this comprehensive guide!


Why Do You Need an Engineer Truck Collision Solution?

Truck driving is a demanding job requiring complete attention on the road. Even a minor wrong move can lead to accidents. That’s mainly because of the vehicle’s large size and magnitude, causing a higher impact than an ordinary car.

That said, let’s look at some reasons to explain why you need an engineer truck collision solution.


1. Extensive Blind Spots

A truck has more extensive blind spots than a smaller car. Even its immediate front and rear sides are no-zones. Combine that with left and right areas, and you have more dangers to worry about. Managing all these blind spots can be stressful, especially on highways and busy roads. Many smaller vehicles can enter your danger zones without you knowing. So, using a collision solution is helpful to monitor these spots.

2. Increasing Accidents

According to a Forbes study, over half a million truck accidents were reported only in the US. This was an alarming 26% increase from 2020, even with the Covid-19 pandemic. The report also concluded that large and semi-trucks both have been in fatal accidents. However, the most shocking fact from this study was that 5,788 deaths occurred in these truck crashes. A truck collision avoidance system can minimize the chances of these collisions, keeping you protected.

3. Reasons of Accidents

You might be wondering what’s the cause of these truck accidents. 90% of the time, these collisions occur due to human error. The rest 10% is the culmination of weather effects, road conditions, vehicle defects, etc. If we go into more specifics, speeding and driving fatigue are the two primary factors behind truck crashes. These errors can be reduced by equipping your truck with a collision avoidance system.

4. Safe for Everyone

Are you a new truck driver? Well, there’s nothing to worry about! An engineer truck collision solution works for all drivers, regardless of their experience. Usually, it comes with an easy installation. Plus, it comes in universal models, working seamlessly for all trucks. So you won’t feel inconvenienced using it!

Which Engineer Truck Collision Solutions are Available?

The market is filled with various engineer truck collision solutions. A driver can pick one that suits them best. But let’s look at a few systems to provide you with a clearer picture:


1. Rear-View Mirror Camera System

A rearview mirror camera system works by providing real-time footage to the driver. It comes with one or a set of cameras placed on the exterior. These cameras show an output live video on the rear-view mirror. As a result, the driver can keep track of their surroundings by looking at the footage.

2. Blind Spot Camera System

Like a rear-view camera system, this solution also uses cameras. However, they are installed on the blind spots of the truck. Since these areas are invisible to the side-view mirrors, you can monitor the spots in real-time and make informed decisions.

3. Collision Avoidance System

A collision avoidance system may come built-in or in aftermarket models. Basically, it uses smart algorithms to calculate an oncoming vehicle’s distance and speed. Based on these results, it predicts whether your truck can collide or not.

Generally, you will find this driving assistance device in different types, like a forward collision warning system. However, the main premise is to minimize the chances of accidents by calculating them beforehand.

How Does Collision Avoidance System Work?

What is the best way to reduce collisions? The answer is a collision avoidance system. Here’s why!

A collision avoidance system is the ultimate engineer truck collision solution. It doesn’t rely on a camera that can be affected by weather or outdoor elements, like dirt, debris, rain, snow, etc. Plus, it requires minimal maintenance, unlike a camera or screen that may need cleaning and battery change.

But the question remains: how does this system work? Firstly, it utilizes sensors placed smartly on different parts of the truck. These radar-based sensors are weather-resistant and completely accurate. They use a smart algorithm to predict a collision before it occurs.

Then, the sensors send a notification to the alert system. The driver can receive a visual or audible warning from the device to inform about a potential collision. This way, you can make well-versed decisions and prevent fatal crashes.

Steps for Adopting Engineer Truck Collision Solution by Governments

Recently, you might have seen a spike in engineer truck collision solutions. This push is coming from governments of different countries. They accessed the increasing number of truck crashes. In response, they are adopting an accident prevention plan trucking in their new road policies by promoting driving assistance systems.

Let’s look at the examples of Italy, UK, and the US to show you the seriousness of governments in adopting safety assistance systems.

1. US

The United States of America is one of the countries to experience a drastic increase in truck accidents. It is among the top countries with higher traffic. Considering this factor, there have been various changes in the policies.

Don Ostberg is considered one of the transportation industry leaders in the US. He has emphasized the importance of active safety technologies and how they can prevent many accidents.

Furthermore, the US Department of Transportation has also taken many steps. They have introduced Automated Driving Systems, naming them A Vision for Safety. In their study, the government found that most accidents can be prevented by eliminating human errors. That is why they are shifting towards automation for increased protection.

2. Italy

Italy also experienced a surge of road accidents, specifically truck crashes, in Milan. The city is currently going through many construction projects, increasing the truck traffic. However, that has also spiked the number of crashes in only a few years.

Considering that, Italy has taken some significant steps. A petition has been filed to restrict the driving time of trucks. According to a study, 79.6% of truck crashes occur in the daytime. Limiting the time for driving trucks will also help minimize accidents.

Additionally, the City Council has also appealed to make truck driving assistance systems mandatory. They are working towards equipping every vehicle with an engineer truck collision solution. Hence, most truck drivers in the area have already equipped their vehicles with these systems.

3. UK

The UK is another example of implementing truck safety systems. The UK Department for Transport is working towards a program called “Moving Britain Ahead.” That includes many helpful factors for safer driving, like equipping safety technologies. They plan to create more protected vehicles, better equipment, and intelligent enforcement. This way, they can reduce the number of increasing truck accidents globally!

What to Look for in a Collision Avoidance System?

Buying a collision avoidance system is always a good idea. However, you might not know which system to choose. Let us help you by listing and explaining the decisive factors to consider before buying an engineer truck collision solution:


1. Distance

The first thing to note is the system’s working distance. It defines how far the system can detect a potential collision and notify you.

2. Installation

Going for an easy-to-install system should always be your priority. It reduces the costs of professionals who may charge hefty amounts only to install this device.

3. Manufacturer

Always check a manufacturer’s track record and choose a trusted company like OYI Electronic to avoid failures, expensive prices, and unreliable services.

4. Usage

As an inexperienced individual, you may want an easy-to-use system. Generally, that means a suitable alert system, like audible, visual, or both. Plus, a more straightforward device may also have minimal maintenance and human interference.

OYI company's factory areaConclusion

Using an engineer truck collision solution is always a plus point. You can level up your driving skills while keeping yourself protected simultaneously. Plus, you can increase your decision-making ability and response timing, regardless of your driving experience. These systems can help you avoid harmful accidents that may otherwise result in fatalities. Also, you will feel more confident when hitting the road with this system on your side.

However, there’s one thing you should consider. Don’t go to a busy highway immediately after installing a collision avoidance system in your truck. Instead, get familiar with its framework by testing it in your driveway. Remember that it might be new for you, and getting used to it can help you make the most out of it!

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