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What is a Rear View Mirror with Camera and How to Use It?

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Also known as dash cams, dash cameras provide recorded footage of the road to the driver. Although useful, they don’t pair well with modern driving assistance devices. Thus, most newer vehicles needed another device that could provide the same functionality of a dash cam, but better. That is where the rear view mirror with camera comes in!

Available in many different types, rear view camera mirrors might seem something new to new drivers. Let’s see what this advanced driving assistance system can do in this detailed guide!


What is a Rear View Mirror with Camera?

A rear view mirror with camera is an advanced driving assistance system. It uses a camera lens to provide extra vision to the driver, eliminating the threat of rear blind spots. As a beginner, you might wonder if the regular rear view mirror can also do this job. Yes, it can, but with some stringent limitations. For instance, you must constantly reposition the rear view mirror to get the optimal view. Secondly, it doesn’t provide you with recorded footage among other features.


Features Of Rear View Mirror with Camera

A traditional rear view mirror in a vehicle doesn’t provide the extra safety you might need. However, its upgraded version offers the following features:

1. Loop Recording

You can continuously record the road footage in your rear view mirror camera. You can simultaneously view this footage while driving on the displayer. Furthermore, you can change the settings for these recordings, including the video mode, brightness, exposure, etc.

2. Weather Resistance

The cameras for digital rear view mirrors are weather-resistant. It means that they don’t get affected by rain, snow, fog, or other elements. Also, these lenses are durable against dirt, debris, and other outdoor elements.

3. Night Mode

Do you frequently drive at night? Then, you should switch the camera to its night mode. It helps provide a clearer vision in even darker environments with no proper lighting.

How to Install Rear View Mirror with Camera?

Installing the rear view mirror with camera might be easier than you think. If you have technical experience, you won’t need professional help. Generally, the process can vary depending on the model and make of your camera system. But, here’s the universal method:


Camera Setup

The first thing to worry about is installing the camera. Its position can also differ according to your model. However, most cameras require setting up on the rear bumper. Consider choosing an optimal position. This way, you can get a broader view with the camera.


Similarly, some systems may come with two cameras. These models require setting up one camera at the front bumper and the other at the rear. You can switch the video mode on your screen to view both displays simultaneously or one at a time.

Screen Mount

The screen in this system is the digital rear view mirror. You can mount it over your vehicle’s current rear view mirror. Usually, the screen comes with a mounting bracket or arms. It increases the flexibility of the displayer, allowing you to rotate whenever you need.


When it is off, the screen works as a traditional rear view mirror. You can connect it with the camera to make it work like a digital displayer.

Cables & Connections

Once everything is in place, it’s time to connect them. Normally, you will get a pair of cables and extensions to link the components. You will find respective wires for camera and the screen. Then, you will need to connect it to your vehicle’s power source.

However, you can also get a wireless rear view mirror with camera. It doesn’t have wires and extensions, making it easier to install. Plus, the interior looks much more organized.


Testing & Calibration

Now that everything is ready to hit the road, consider testing first. It can help you get familiar with the system before you go on a busy highway. Some systems may require calibrating your cameras. Follow the manual instructions to perform calibration. Then, test the system in your driveway to ensure it’s working smoothly.

How to Use Rear View Mirror Dash Camera?

Have you installed your rear view mirror dash camera? Now, let’s see how to use it!


1. Activating the System

Depending on your product’s model and make, you will get an activation method. Usually, it is via a power button on the screen. However, many systems activate automatically as they are connected to the vehicle’s power source. Either way, it is best to double-check that the camera is on before heading to a highway.

2. Guidance via Screen

The screen offers as your extra pair of eyes for the rear blind spot. You can view it to see what’s happening in the back of your vehicle. It comes in handy, especially when changing lanes or turning. Reversing and parking are also some scenarios where you can utilize the screen to gain a better view.

Generally, the screen comes with a set of buttons. They allow changing the settings, video modes, camera view, etc. In contrast, other advanced systems might have a touch-screen display.

3. Video Recording

You can decide when to start recording the video and when to stop. Remember that the videos are saved in the system’s built-in SD card. Hence, only record when it is necessary. Otherwise, you might be filling up memory space.

4. Memory Management

Memory management is extremely necessary even if you have the best rear view mirror camera. Remember that these systems have built-in SD cards of 32 or 64 GB. Hence, you will have to either delete previous footage or change the SD card once the current one is full.

5. Recalibration & Maintenance

Is your system running into some problems? You might be getting some errors during its operations. That could mean a few things. Firstly, try recalibrating the cameras to check if the error is resolved. The recalibration method might be mentioned in the product manual.

Secondly, you can also check for software updates for the mirror. If none of these methods work, try consulting a professional technician. The problem might be occurring due to hardware failure or damage.

Which Vehicles Can Use Rear View Mirror Camera?

People frequently ask, can I add the rear view mirror with camera to my car, truck, bus, etc? Let us explain.

Modern rear view mirror dash cameras are available for almost every vehicle. That includes vehicles, like cars and SUVs. Both cars and SUVs can utilize this advanced driving assistance system for added safety.

However, commercial vehicles are the most worthy options for a rear view mirror camera 4K. That’s because they are larger with more dangerous blind spots. Let’s look at the truck, for example. A truck’s rear blind spot is extremely hazardous. Any small vehicle immediately behind your truck can disappear from the trucker’s view. That is where this camera system helps and provides a broader view.

However, that doesn’t mean only cars, SUVs, and trucks can utilize the rear view mirror camera. Emergency vehicles and buses can also be equipped with this system. Furthermore, many modern motorcycles also have vision systems, heavily influenced by these camera mirror systems.


What to Know Before Equipping Your Vehicle with a Rear View Mirror System?

While all vehicles can use this system, there are a few considerations. Here’s what you need to know beforehand:

  • Not every camera may offer you a 4K or 8K video quality. In fact, most commonly available systems have 720p or 1080p resolutions.
  • Many systems will allow rotating your camera via your screen functions. This way, you can get a 360° view of the rear road.
  • You should clean your camera lens and screen once in a while to prevent inaccurate display.
  • Some wireless systems might work with batteries. Consider keeping some extra lithium-ion batteries for backup.
  • Many advanced rear view mirror camera systems may have advanced features, like parking assistance and GPS navigation. They can come in handy for professional drivers, truckers, and fleet managers.
  • Always prioritize buying from a reputable manufacturer, like OYI Electronic, to get durable, high-quality products at factory prices.

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The roads today are more crowded than ever with a reported traffic increase of 13.3% from 2023. Hence, it is high time to equip your vehicle with an advanced driving assistance system, like a rear view mirror with camera. It can help navigate busy highways and roads with enhanced safety. You wouldn’t have to double-check your rear area when changing lanes or turning, reducing your driving stress.

However, you shouldn’t go for a cheap solution. Otherwise, you can face issues like low video quality, camera errors, fewer screen functions, hardware damage, etc. You can choose a reliable company, like OYI Electronic to avoid such problems and get a high-end model with after-sales support and warranty.

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