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What’s Ultimate Truck Blind Spot Solution in 2023?

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Did you know that truck accidents have increased by 26% in just one year? This number was reported in 2021 due to the huge rise of large and commercial vehicles. However, this percentage has only spiked in 2022 and 2023. Due to this alarming rate, governments have also started developing well-informed and updated policies for trucks.

Most of these accidents occur in a truck’s blind spots due to the unclear view in these areas. Fortunately, governments of different countries are recognizing the dangers of these no-zones. But the question remains: what’s the truck blind spot solution? How can you avoid accidents in these areas? Let’s find out all the answers in this detailed guide!


Why are Truck Blind Spots Dangerous?

The first question to answer is whether you need a truck blind solution at all. And the short answer is yes. Blind spots are also known as danger zones for good reasons. These areas are almost invisible to the side-view mirror. A new truck driver can easily make a wrong decision based on an unclear view.

According to a study by the United States Department of Transportation, an average of 413,000 truck blind spot accidents are reported every year. Moreover, 38% of these collisions result in fatal consequences, creating an alarming number of 160,000.

A truck has significantly larger and more blind spots than an ordinary car. That’s because of the truck’s bigger build and heavy magnitude. Additionally, accidents in a truck’s blind spots are way more dangerous and fatal than in a car’s. Thus, it is best to adopt a viable truck blind spot solution to avoid devastating crashes.


What is Solution to Truck Blind Spots?

Luckily, you are limited to one truck blind spot solution. You can opt for many practices and tools to protect you from fatal accidents. So, what is the solution to blind spots? Let’s find out!


1. Positioning Side Mirrors Efficiently

The first thing is to position your side-view mirrors so you get the maximum road view. This way, you will stay updated on your surroundings and make informed decisions. However, it is recommended to change positions gradually. Otherwise, you might not be familiar with an entirely new view, resulting in dangerous outcomes.

2. Cleaning Your Mirrors

Sometimes, your side-view mirrors can get blurry, blocking the view. It is possible due to dirt, debris, fog, and dust. One good practice is to clean your mirrors effectively after several drives to get a clean and clear view.

3. Signaling Your Next Move

Another truck blind spot solution is to notify nearby vehicles of your next move. It can enable others to take the right step when you are changing lanes or turning. Also, it is a basic driving practice that every driver should adopt.

4. Using a Truck Camera

You might have heard of a large or semi truck mirror camera. It mounts on the left, right, or both sides of your truck and offers you a real-time view of your rear-view mirror. It is an effective solution against blind spots, as you always stay updated on your nearby vehicles.

However, a truck camera may require more maintenance, like cleaning, new batteries, etc. Plus, cameras might not work efficiently during extreme weather conditions.

Ultimate Truck Blind Spot Solution

While the previous solutions are effective, they only work to some extent. The ultimate solution is equipping your truck with a blind spot detection system. It consists of sensors that monitor blind spots accurately and alert the driver if any vehicle gets too close. Based on these alerts, the truck driver can make well-informed decisions and tackle the dangerous scenario.

This system doesn’t require frequent maintenance like a side camera for semi truck. Additionally, the radar-based sensors don’t get affected by weather conditions, such as snow or rain.


Here are some other benefits of using a truck blind spot detection system:

  • Accurate information based on precise calculations of a vehicle’s speed and distance
  • Decent area coverage for monitoring, typically 10 feet from a truck’s rear bumper
  • Different types of alert systems to inform the driver of a vehicle’s presence in their blind spots, including audible, visual, or both
  • Minimal maintenance and lower chances of failure
  • Many manufacturers, OYI Electronic, are available that offer durable and well-tested systems

Role Of Government in Implementing Truck Blind Spot Solution

The global automotive blind spot detection market has seen a significant rise in recent years. According to a report by Technavio, the CAGR of this industry is expected to grow by 24% in the coming years.

This growth is also backed by government regulations in different countries. Japan and Europe have recently seen a shift in traffic regulations. Their public transport vehicles, like buses, are upgraded with lane departure systems.

Similarly, Milan is another excellent example of governments revamping their policies. This Italian city witnessed a huge spike in commercial vehicle accidents. In response, the city council highlighted the importance of a truck blind spot detection system. Furthermore, they requested to restrict the driving timing of large vehicles to minimize the chances of accidents.

Many other countries, like the US, have also taken steps to utilize the potential of driving assistance technologies, especially blind spot detection. It is a good step, considering the alarming increase in blind spot truck accidents.

Positive Impact of Truck Blind Spot Detection System

A truck blind spot detection system is an effective technology with reported impacts. According to a study, this assistive driving tool has lowered lane-changing crashes by 14%. Even better, this report also highlights the positive changes that could have occurred if every vehicle had been equipped with this system in 2015. In that case, over 50,000 road accidents could have been avoided.

But the question is, why is this system so efficient? The short answer is because of its minimal human interference. A report concludes that about 90% of road accidents occur due to human mistakes. And in many cases, truck accidents happen because of a driver’s fatigue or distraction.

What this system does is that it doesn’t require human input in its workflow. Instead, the sensors detect the road and trigger the alert system. The only human interference in the workflow is when the driver makes a decision.

Exponential Growth of Truck Blind Spot Solution

Different types of truck blind spot solutions are available in the market today. This industry is currently valued at over $2 billion, with a projected growth of $8.1 billion by the end of 2023. This increase will be a whopping 13.9% from 2021 in only two years.

But why is that? Why is the truck blind spot solution suddenly becoming so popular? Let’s find out the reasons!

1. Safety Concerns

The huge rise in global traffic accidents has increased drivers’ safety awareness. That is why many truck drivers are now opting for a truck blind spot solution. They understand that blind spots are dangerous and can have devastating effects. Hence, a driving assistance device is a MUST for today’s traffic.

2. Increase in Traffic

Globally, road traffic has spiked, also increasing the number of commercial and heavy vehicles. Additionally, trucks are a MUST in any developing country. They serve as the primary means of transport in small as well as mega projects. This alarming increase is one of the primary reasons for blind spot detection’s popularity.

3. Revamped Policies

The governments have also played a vital role in the increasing popularity of truck blind spot solutions. Many examples, like Europe, Japan, the US, and Italy, are prominent in revamping their traffic policies. They have made BSD and other systems essential for public transport vehicles. They are also planning to restrict trucks not equipped with blind spot monitoring or other driving assistance systems.

4. Profiting Companies

Truck and car companies have also observed the rise of blind spot solutions. They have also jumped on the bandwagon and increased their production. Today, every new vehicle release has a built-in monitoring system. Furthermore, they are innovating these devices with modern technology, like AI and machine learning. Hence, consumers today can find more trucks with factory-designed blind spot detection systems than ever!

5. The Endless Benefits

Lastly, a truck blind spot solution has tons of benefits, making it worth buying. It is significantly easy to use, enabling new and experienced drivers. Moreover, the system has all the essential features to protect you on the road.

Modern models and releases combine different functions to create hybrid solutions. A common example is a blind spot monitor with forward-collision warning or parking assistance. These are highly helpful for drivers, especially newer ones, to level up their driving skills and stay safe simultaneously.


Buying a truck blind spot solution today is easier than ever. You have reliable manufacturers, like OYI Electronic, that can cut intermediary costs by providing well-tested systems at factory prices. The benefits of this driving assistance system are also lucrative, especially for new drivers. They can get the ideal jumpstart to their trucking career by keeping themselves safe on the road.

We highly recommend you equip your truck with a blind spot detection system. It can keep you safe at all times while complying with the changing government policies.

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