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Types Of Blind Spot Detection System | Compatibility And Functions

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Types Of Blind Spot Detection System

Everyone fears road accidents. In the days of rising road accident incidents, it has really become crucial to understand its major reason. You may have heard about blind spots in the vehicle. It’s one of the primary reasons for car crashes.

Every vehicle has blind spots; still, the market for blind spot monitors is evolving to increase safety on the road. Key manufacturers are shaping it with innovations, consumer awareness, and government laws.

blind spot detection system

What Is The Blind Spot Detection System?

A blind-spot detection system (BSD) assists the drivers by forewarning them of the vehicles nearby that they are unable to detect due to the blind spots in a vehicle.

Types of blind spot detection systems

There are two main types of blind spot detection systems. They are as follows.

  1. Factory-installed blind spot detection systems
  2. Aftermarket blind spot detection systems

Factory-Installed Blind Spot Detection System:

This type of blind spot detection system is primarily seen in expensive vehicles. With continuous development, the manufacturers are offering this added feature of security. That means these systems are specifically tailored to fulfill the need of the specific model.

Some famous models with the best type of blind spot detection systems are as follows.

  • Toyota Camry
  • Kia K5
  • Ford F-150
  • Honda Accord
  • Subaru Outback

blind spot detection system 1

However, these systems have expensive repair costs. As they are specifically designed for a vehicle, it is tough to find a replacement. Most manufacturers offer them for free with the motor vehicle, but some also charge a fee to add this feature. Hence, sometimes, they are more expensive than aftermarket blind spot detection systems.

Aftermarket Blind Spot Detection System:

This type of blind spot detection system is universal for many vehicles. That means that the consumers do not have to worry about the model, age, and variant of the vehicles. They are usually cheaper than factory-installed ones and come in kit form. Due to their easy installation, many consumers with old models prefer to add this kind of security.

The cost of installing this type of blind spot detection system is also between $300 to $500. More companies are joining this market segment with suitable investments. That would result in costs of installation would fall, making them cost-effective.

Some of the sellers that offer the best aftermarket blind spot detection systems accounting to consumers are as follows;

  • Boyo vision
  • Zerow
  • Yukon gear
  • Roadfar
  • Mobiletron
  • AVTcom

Importance Of The Blind Spot Detection System

blind spot detection system 2

Nobody wants to die, right? Having a blind spot detection system is one of the ways to avoid fatality. Every year 1.3 million people die due to road accidents. Among them, largely the casualty involves children and young adults (5 to 29 years old), according to the World health organization.

To prevent these accidents, the need of extra security features is necessary. Thus, governments across the globe are also imposing laws on manufacturers to have this system in vehicles. For old models, an aftermarket blind spot detection system comes in handy.

Features Of Aftermarket Blind Spot Detection System

There are three main features of an aftermarket blind spot detection system.

  1. Blind spot detection

Many vehicles have visibility issues. Some are manageable with extra attention, but others are difficult to detect. In that case, blind spot detection technology comes into effect.

This feature allows the system to detect the blind spots of a vehicle and alerts the driver if any vehicle enters its monitoring area.

  1. Lane changing assistance

Most accidents occur at the time of lane changing, which results in collisions with other vehicles. The world health organization predicts that road accidents will become the fifth reason for deaths globally by 2030.

To prevent it, this feature of the blind spot detection system helps to identify the vehicle before a crash and informs the driver about the danger. The LED light will notify the driver about the vehicles in the monitoring territory given if the driver decides to change the lane.

  1. Active overtaking Action

This feature informs the driver of the danger with audio and visual signals. It would also increase the chances of alertness in the driver.

Different Varieties Of Aftermarket Blind Spot Detection Systems

blind spot detection system 3

There are two leading varieties of blind spot detection systems. They are as follows.


The blind spot sensors serve as eyes that assess the vehicle’s surroundings. These types of sensors can “feel” the other motor vehicles using the technologies such as lidar, radar, and sonar. But two or more sensors would allow this function to work adequately. So, if something enters the sensor’s view, the indicators will alert the driver.


For alerting the driver, an indicator plays an important role. Without it, the driver would not know if the sensor has detected any movement. Mostly, there are two main types of indicators:

  1. Visual indicators
  2. Audio indicators

For these indicators, the sensors forecast the beam. That beam bounces back after reflecting from the surface of other motor vehicles. The driver will get informed of the risk once the system detects the beam.

Precautions When Using Blind Spot Detection System

The blind spot detection system is reliable and practical in its purpose. Still, there are some potential drawbacks and nuances of its operation. The following are noteworthy points for drivers to remember:

  • BSM is only an assistance tool, so the drivers should not consider it a replacement for safe driving and cannot assume on its own when it is secure to switch lanes.
  • There is a speed differential limit for each system in the owner’s manual or by contacting the manufacturer; you can find that limit in the owner’s manual or by contacting the manufacturer.
  • The ability to use these systems on city streets and byways may be limited since they are primarily used on highways and at highway speeds.
blind spot detection system 4

Different Types Of Blind Spot Detection System In Different Vehicles

Whether you are riding a motorcycle, car, or truck, blind spots are unavoidable. Although the visibility in each type of vehicle varies, the blind spot detection system is necessary for each vehicle. It is impossible to take your eyes off the road every time. Not only because of its uneasiness but this further increase the chances of accidents.


blind spot detection system 5

When driving a motorbike, it is impossible to shift lanes without moving your head. That also becomes quite uncomfortable, especially if you are wearing a helmet. So, the blind spots of the motorbike are burdensome to manage.

Blind Spots Of Motorcycles

The blind spots of a motorcycle depend on the position of the mirrors. Most motorcycles have blind spots in the rear view and the vehicle’s side view. Some of the time when you should check blind spot is as follows:

  • Changing lanes
  • Making turns
  • Slowing downs
  • Stopping
  • Overtaking

One of the motorcycles’ blind spot detection systems is the 24G MT-02.

Features Of A Motorcycle Blind Spot Detection System


This type of blind spot detection system allows motorbikers to detect early danger. The vehicles are moving fast on the road. It means the bikers need early signs to give them time to react. The blind spot detection system allows the bikers to pick up signals of moving vehicles in their no-zones.


For a motorbike, it is quite difficult to rely on side mirrors when changing the lane. That is when a blind spot detection system comes in handy. It assists the bikers of the vehicles surrounding their bike, so they take necessary prevention measures.


With the world environment changing rapidly, road accidents are also rising. The Federal highway administration reports that around 132,000 weather-related accidents occur annually in the US.

With this frequent bad weather, visibility becomes an issue. So, driving without a blind spot under such weather may result in life endangerment.

But how can a blind spot system detect vehicles in this situation, right?

The modern systems come with penetrating detectors that pick signals even in such an environment. That comes in handy if the driver cannot detect the vehicle with naked eyes.

Importance Of A Blind Spot Detection System In Motorcycle



Though, many people would consider a motorcycle an easy ride. Over the last ten years, motorcycles accidents have risen by 20%. It includes many reasons; among them, one is the lack of visibility. Thus, a blind spot monitor system gives the rider an extra pair of eyes while driving.

However, using side mirrors and wearing helmets is also crucial even after a blind spot detection system.


Properly adjusting mirrors, looking over your shoulder, and using blinkers are some of the many ways to drive safely. Why not add another security feature to prevent life endangerment?

With the stress level rising in our daily lives, it may be possible that you may forget to check your blind spots and change lanes. It results in a crash. So, why not use modern-day technology to assist you?

It is still better to spend a few bucks on increasing your life safety instead of bearing heavy losses after a crash.


blind spot detection system 6

A car has several blind spots around it. Even an experienced driver is unable to detect them. When driving, these blind spots make you vulnerable to accidents and hazardous collisions. A blind spot detection system plays an active role in checking these blind spots. With technological advancement, different types of blind spot monitors are coming into the market.

Some of the models of blind spots are as follows:

Ways When Blind Spots Can Cause Trouble While Driving


Blind spots can be misleading. So, always be careful when making a turn and check the rearview mirrors to detect small objects.


It is important to pay extra attention when changing lanes. Checking rear and side-view mirrors is crucial to prevent any collision with the fast-moving vehicles in that lane.


It is vital to check your blind spot when you decide to join the flowing traffic. Giving signals and checking side mirrors are some of the ways to prevent any road accidents.

Even after paying extra attention, blind spots are unavoidable sometimes. Along with the above precautions, the driver needs to make use of technology to prevent any risk. That is where the blind spot detection system helps in achieving the objective.

Features Of A Car Blind Spot Detection System


Blind spot detection systems use microwave radars to detect moving objects and warn drivers about vehicles in their vicinity. Even after following all the standard precautions, the blind spot is the no zones for the vehicle. It is impossible to detect the objects in these spots without removing focus from the front road.


This feature of the blind spot monitor alerts the driver of the adjacent vehicles. Old models of blind spot detectors may not be able to capture fast or slow-moving vehicles. But, modern technology can alert the driver of any speed of moving vehicles. That can give the driver enough time to react to a dangerous situation.


Many road accidents occur due to careless driving. Even if you are careful while driving, the other drivers can become a danger to you. This system can provide you with an extra layer of security when driving.


Most of the car damage occurs at the time of reversing. After all, it is challenging to turn your head 180 degrees when reversing the vehicle. The modern types of blind spot detection systems work perfectly by giving a back view of the car on the dashboard. The visual image from small cameras and the audio alert could bring the driver’s focus to the alarming situation.

Commercial Vehicles

blind spot detection system 7

A truck driver has many responsibilities while driving a truck. They are not only more prone to danger due to the stress at work, but they have to be careful when driving around other vehicles due to large blind spots. Even after extra caution, most accidents occur due to these blind spots.

Blind Spots Of The Truck


Many people are unable to detect this blind spot in commercial vehicles. It is a more vulnerable no zone due to the height of the truck cab. Even if the driver is looking in front, they may be unable to detect objects in front of them for around 20 feet.


The driver seat is usually located on that side of the truck. Still, it is hard for a driver to see any object after some space. But it greatly depends on the truck’s size.


The truck’s right side has more area under the no zone of the truck. It is because the driver’s seat is on the far other side of the truck. Thus, detecting any object on the other end isn’t easy.


The danger of this spot depends on the vehicle’s size. Usually, this no zone in commercial vehicles can extend to 30 feet from the truck. The large commercial trucks make that spot more unprotected compared to others.

Compared to other vehicles, this type of vehicle is more exposed to danger than others.

Some of the blind spot detection systems for the trucks are as follows:

Features Of A Commercial Vehicle Blind Spot Detection System


As the trucks travel on the road for a long haul, they will likely encounter harsh weather. Thus, these types of blind spot detection systems can deal with extreme weather due to the use of radar waves. These waves can detect moving vehicles and provide signals to the driver even if there is low visibility.


As a truck has larger blind spots, these types of blind spot detection systems monitor a wide range of bases. Some of them can detect up to a 50-meter area and forewarn the driver of the danger.


With time, these types of blind spot detection systems are moving towards more accuracy. Many of them can detect the real-time movement of rival vehicles within the monitoring area. That gives the driver a better chance to make decisions depending on the proximity.

OYI company's factory areaConclusion

blind spot detection system 8

Every vehicle is exposed to blind spots. It usually depends on the size of the vehicle when deciding whether to buy a blind spot monitor or not. However, with the recent changes globally, it becomes essential to have a layer of safety around your vehicle.

New models of vehicles have a factory-installed system. But, with time, more aftermarket kits are arriving on the market. Installing them in your vehicles is, therefore, advisable to prevent any potential danger to life.

If you have any questions, pls contact us!

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