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Top 15 Best Blind Spot Detection Systems

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Best Blind spot detection BSD systems

Over the past 15 years, the blind spot system has become an advancing and essential vehicle equipment. These systems assist the driver in monitoring blind zones that are entirely invisible to the driver’s eyes. Nowadays, every latest vehicle comes with a built-in blind spot detection system. However, there is an option in the market to choose the best blind spot detection system for your old vehicle.

Best blind spot detection system

To choose a suitable blind spot system for your vehicle, you need adequate knowledge of the system. Every vehicle has a different physical structure and technical specifications. Considering these factors, the blind spot system for one vehicle varies from the other. Keep reading to get the idea of the top 15 blind spot systems and how to choose the best.

Best Blind Spot Monitors Based On Vehicle Type:

Blind spot monitoring systems vary in different terms from each other. Some systems have more than one radar, while others have various alarming sub-systems. These monitors are available in a great number based on the designated vehicle type. Some of the best blind spot detection systems in terms of their compatible vehicles are as follows.

1. Crimestopper Blind Spot Detection System:

This firm has a massive experience of 30 years in the field of safety and security of vehicles. Being a well-versed, experienced company, they know how a blind spot system enhances driving assistance. For that reason, most of their designed systems are one of the best blind spot detection systems on the market.

The Crimestopper system has every single characteristic that an essential blind spot system includes. Moreover, its extra set of radar sensors increases its detection accuracy. Following are some of the primary features of a Crimestopper blind spot system.


  • It has four radar sensors. Two of the radar are at the back, while the remaining two are on the front side of the vehicle.
  • The alarm system includes a buzzer, and two LED light indicators. These indicators flash and alarm the driver about the approaching vehicle in the respective side lane. Moreover, the buzzer sounds whenever the risk intensity is higher.
  • All the parts are waterproof. The radar sensors are Ip67 waterproof. Therefore, these handle harsh rain or storm conditions. This durability makes it one of the best blind spot detection systems.
  • The volume of the buzzer inside the alarm equipment is adjustable. That means you can possibly hear the volume at every corner of the vehicle by setting the volume pace accordingly.
  • Its installation is easier. Therefore, a single individual with minimum knowledge about the product can install it easily.


  • The installation process requires drilling. That is why there is a greater possibility that you may damage your vehicle.
  • The detection area of this system is a bit smaller than the other blind spot detection systems. The estimated range under which the crime-stopper blind spot system accurately detects a target object is 3 to 10 feet.

This system has its main usage inside cars and SUVs. However, some of their products are for trucks as well.

Best blind spot detection system 1

2. Brand Motion Radar Blind Spot System

This system has one of the best blind spot sensor kits. The brand motion radar sensors are one of the market’s most durable and accurate sensors. For that reason, their Blind spot monitoring system is also the best blind spot detection system across the options. These blind spot systems have known expertise in rear blind area detection and warning.

The 3.2 pounds system starts working only when the vehicle exceeds the speed limit of 15 miles per hour. It is somewhat a con of the system. On the highway, you won’t get any alerts until you surpass the speed limit. However, the speed limit does not apply to the reverse mode. The radar sensor can start detecting the objects as soon as the vehicle backs up.


  • The blind spot information system has a massive detection range of 40 feet which makes it one of the best blind spot detection systems.
  • The system has both visual and audio indicators for the driver. This alert the drivers swiftly, giving them enough time to respond.
  • The real OEM experience and feel provide better technical usage. Moreover, this makes it compatible with 2007 to current models.
  • The radar system uses data to monitor the speed of the vehicles accurately. Therefore, the driver can get an idea of risk intensity.


  • It is much more expensive than other blind spot systems.
  • Its installation is not that easy. Therefore, a professional must install the system with great care.
  • The system won’t detect or alarm the driver about the target objects until the car’s speed increases from 15 miles per hour.
  • The high-quality radar sensor with an increased frequency band ensures accurate detection. Moreover, direct speed monitoring reduces the false alarm rates up to 85%

These best blind spot detection systems are compatible with most car models. However, some SUV trucks also work efficiently with this system.

3. Greenyi Blind Spot Monitor Kit:

Greenyi, a blind spot detection system, is one of the affordable options in the market with a camera. The high-definition camera has a night vision feature that helps detect objects at night. Moreover, there is a monitor given inside the package that interprets the live feed of night vision.

The monitor size is 5 inches, which helps change lanes and parallel parking. The system’s installation is really easy, and you can use the vehicle’s cigarette lighter to power both of them. Moreover, it is one of the most broadly designed products. It can not only go with cars, but this best blind spot detection system has excellent compatibility with minivans, SUVs, and Trucks.

Some of the pros and cons of the Greenyi blind spot monitor kit are as follows.


  • Its monitor is an LCD that is compatible with two different video formats, PAL and NTSC.
  • There is no drilling required. Just by using double-sided tape, you can install the system easily.
  • The alarm system has two LED indicators. These lights have adjustable brightness. So, the drivers can set this according to their liking.
  • HD camera has night vision with a nigh detection range of 16 feet.
  • The weight of this best blind spot detection system is 1.12 pounds which is very low. Therefore, it does not affect the vehicle’s relative speed.


  • The night vision camera is not waterproof. Moreover, its lights can become a distraction.
  • The double-sided tape adhesive is not enough to hold the system parts in space in rigorous shaking.

4. Audiovox Blind Spot Detection System

Audiovox has an advanced blind spot detection system built in with a flash memory feature. The system has a set of radars that helps to detect objects only six feet from the bumper. The connectors of the light indicators and the buzzer are waterproof.

The flash memory feature helps the system to detect and memorize false objects. For that reason, false alarm rates become minimum making it one of the best blind spot detection systems.


  • Flash memory reduces false alarms
  • It can work on the rear and front sides of the vehicle, depending on the driver’s choice.
  • The buzzer volume is adjustable.
  • Sensors are added on. Therefore, you can buy and apply more than two sensors to your car. Plus, these sensors are easily sold in the aftermarket. So, even after the use, you can sell it as one of the best aftermarket blind spot detection systems.
  • It is lightweight with a weight of 1.5 pounds


  • The detection range is limited and very low.
  • The learning capability of the system is low due to the flash memory. Therefore, it takes some time before it starts functioning fully.

5. Accele Best Blind Spot Monitoring System:

This blind spot information system is one of the best blind spot detection systems with the easiest installation and affordable price. The system requires little to no effort for installation. There are 2 radar sensors inside the package that are paintable. However, this system is not ideal for cars with a metal bumper. It works best with a plastic bumper car.

As for the alarm system, it includes two LED indicator lights. The installation comprises adhesive tapes that stick to the car surface and hold the components in their places.


  • Affordable and inexpensive
  • It is easy to install
  • The sensors are paintable. Therefore, the driver can match their color with the vehicle.


  • The system has the highest rate of false alarms

6. Car Best Blind Spot Detection System

The car best blind spot detection system is for rear car use only. Moreover, its two radar sensors work only if the turn signal is in use.


  • Use of two radars operating at high-speed frequency.
  • It has a faster reaction rate.
  • The lights are present on the dashboard. So, these are easily seen by the driver.
  • The 80-degree detection angle provides a broad detection area.


  • The quality of radar sensors is not as good as other blind spot systems in the market.

7. Eway Best Car Blind Spot Detection System:

Eway blind spot system is also one of the rear monitoring equipment. Moreover, this best blind spot detection system can effectively alert drivers about open doors. Its primary features include lane change assist, open door warning, and rear cross-traffic alert.

Best blind spot detection system 2


  • Its detection distance is much longer as compared to other contenders. It can detect vehicles up to 50 feet behind the car or SUV.
  • The quality of radar makes it an all-time application. It can ideally work in the rain, night, smoke, or fog.
  • The extra buzzer helps the driver to be more cautious


  • The system is expensive.
  • The false detection rates are higher.

8. Easyguard Best Aftermarket Blind Spot Monitor

This system has two Microwave radars usually applied to the back of the vehicle. The frequency band of the radars is 24GHz. Therefore, its detection range is 6 to 12 meters from the vehicle.


  • The alarm connection consists of two indicator lights and a buzzer. The buzzer of the Easyguard blind spot monitor has a marking feature that beeps three times consecutively. That is how the driver gets the approaching danger alert in milliseconds. This consecutive alerting feature makes it one of the best blind spot detection systems.
  • The speed gap is just 0.5 meters per second.
  • The item can fit most cars, minivans, and pickup trucks.


  • The detection range is smaller as compared to other systems
  • The installation process is difficult, especially for the buzzer. Therefore, only a professional audio installer can perform the task.

9. Elliot Jonah Car Blind Spot Monitoring System

The microwave sensor used inside this best blind spot detection system is 58GHz. That is why its detection range and accuracy are better.


  • It can detect the vehicles both from the rear and lateral sides.
  • The lateral detection range is 0.3m to 5m. Whereas the rear range is 10×50 feet.
  • It includes 2 sensors and one control box that can adjust the volume of the buzzer and indicator light brightness.
  • The contents of the blind spot sensor kit are very much durable.


  • It is much more expensive.
  • The installation process is high.
  • The false alarm rate is also greater.

10. By-J Best Blind Spot Warning System:

Same as the Easyguard, BY-J blind spot systems also have radar sensors with a frequency of 24GHz. It assists the driver in side view monitoring. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of this system are as follows.


  • It has a minimum false detection rate, making it one of the best blind spot detection systems.
  • The system starts working at 0 km per hour. That is why it will actively monitor the blind spots even when the vehicle is stationary.


  • The detection range is 3.5×12 meters which is not enough.
  • The system has only one radar sensor that can detect only one side.

11. Escort Max 360 Radar Blind Spot Monitor

It is one of the systems that can monitor the 360 degrees from the vehicle. For that reason, it has become the best blind spot detection system. Some of its pros and cons are as follows.


  • 360-degree monitoring
  • Extreme detection accuracy
  • Short response time
  • Extreme range
  • Three different driving modes
  • Calculation of real-time speed limit data


  • It is more expensive.
  • It is hard to install.

12. Rydeen Bss1 Best Blind Spot Detection System:

This system does not apply to cars having metal bumpers. The kit includes 2 microwave radars. Moreover, a GPS antenna is also present for speed sensing, which slides it into the list of best blind spot detection systems.


  • High detection accuracy
  • The double-colored choice for LED indicators
  • GPS antenna for speed sensing secures its place in the list of best blind spot detection systems.
  • Easy Installation
  • No drilling during the installation process.
  • Alerts about the cross traffic when reversing.


  • It has a limited detection range
  • The metal bumpers of a car will result in system failure.

13. Bsd Lane Change Safety:

It includes two radar sensors that go on the rear of the vehicle. Alarming components include both the lights and a buzzer.


  • It has a broad detection area
  • Audible buzzer aids in proximity readings and alerts
  • The installation process is easy.


  • It only works when the turn signal is on.
  • The system lacks advanced functions such as speed measurement.

14. Uniden R3 Best Blind Spot Detection System:

This system uses the mutual connection of sensors and GPS to minimize false errors. Moreover, it alerts the driver about the speed cameras. Therefore, it saves them from speed tickets also. This unique feature helps it hold a place in the best blind spot detection systems.


  • Lowest false alarm rate
  • Red light and speed camera alert by the pre-uploaded database.
  • Regular firmware updates keep your system cooped up with the modern monitors.


  • It is expensive.
  • The installation process is complex.
  • Requires manual update checking and firmware upgrade every once in a while.

15. Cobra Rad 380 Blind Spot Detection System:

This system can detect the target object from both the rear and front of the vehicle. Therefore, it is on the list of the best blind spot detection systems.


  • 360-degree monitoring and protection
  • Laser sensors that have a better detection accuracy
  • Massive detection range
  • Customizable modes according to the desired sensitivity
  • Easy installation


  • It can have connection problems sometimes.
  • The price is higher than other options.

OYI company's factory areaConclusion:

All vehicle owners know which spots of their vehicles are invisible to their eyes. Some vehicles have a built-in camera for reversing, while others install extra view mirrors. Therefore, one can choose the blind spot system depending on the need of one’s car.

You can go for only a side monitoring system if your front and rear sides are already covered. Plus, price is another factor that will help you choose the best blind spot detection system. Before selecting any system for your vehicle, try to look for its installation procedure difficulty. Furthermore, make sure that the system is compatible with your car and serves its purpose.

If you have any questions, pls contact us!

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