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Everything You Need to Know Motorcycle Blind Spot Monitor

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Motorcycle has always been fast and easy carrier vehicles. However, it makes people more vulnerable to collisions and unwanted fatal injuries. For that reason, people do not consider these as safe and reliable in contrast to cars. That’s where the motorcycle blind spot monitor jumps in and fixes this problem.

motorcycle blind spot monitor

Helmets are the foremost necessity for riders on the road. These make them safe from any head trauma. However, helmets partially restrict the rider from monitoring the road. That is why these pose a serious threat as well.

So, how can we deal with it? An easy way is to use motorcycle blind spot mirrors. Even so, these are not ideal, but they still solve the problem to some extent. The preferred way is to use a motorcycle blind spot detection system. It not only monitors the sides but the rear portion of the motorbike as well. So, it decreases the overall accidents to deaths ratio.

What Is A Motorcycle Blind Spot Monitor And Why Do We Need It?

One’s life is dear to one’s self. We will go to extreme heights to protect our life. If a motorcycle blind spot monitor ensures our lives and vehicle safety, it is right to call it a necessity. Keep reading to observe how a motorbike blind spot system works and keeps us safe.


A motorcycle blind spot monitor is technical equipment that observes the blind spots of a motorbike. Moreover, it detects any moving object in a specific area and warns the rider about it. Also, some advanced detection systems can effectively monitor the target object’s speed, displacement, and distance.

Some of the primary functions a typical motorcycle blind spot monitor has are as follows:

  • Monitoring the right and left sides for any risky moving object.
  • Accurate detection of the object and alarming the rider.
  • Measuring the vehicle’s speed and the target’s relative displacement to judge whether it is a risk.

Keep in mind that some of the motorcycle blind spot systems work only above a specific speed. The general functioning range of these systems is 10km/h to 25km/h.

motorcycle blind spot monitor 1

Blind Spots Of A Motorcycle And How Does A Motorcycle Blind Spot Monitor Keeps An Eye On Them?

While driving a car or riding a motorbike, any spot on the road that is invisible to the driver or rider’s eyes is under the category of blind spots.

Every car on the road has some blind spots that can be a potential hazard. Consider it a structural drawback. The same is the case with motorbikes. Every motorcycle has several blind spots that are entirely invisible to the rider’s eyes. Some of these blind spots are:

● Lower Left And Right Sides:

It is one of the smallest yet most dangerous motorbike blind spots. While riding a motorcycle, the rider has to look forward mostly. In that condition, Both left and right sides become a no-zone for the vehicle.

To monitor these, most of the riders use side-view mirrors. However, these are not enough to observe the designated area of the blind spot. That’s why even after using mirrors, there are chances that you can miss something from the no zone.

The ideal method is to use a motorcycle blind spot monitor. It detects the approaching vehicle early and warns you about it. The vibrant flashing warning light makes you cautious about the vehicle that is about to overtake.

● Rear Portion Of The MotorBike:

It is the biggest and most dangerous blind spot on a motorbike. People usually ignore it as there isn’t any active motility around the back. So, it makes them completely unaware of any rapidly approaching vehicle and increases the hazard.

Helmets tend to increase the area of this blind spot. For that reason, Without a motorcycle blind spot monitor, you can only look around by turning your head. No side-view mirrors will come in handy in this situation.

Taking your eyes off the road to check the rear view isn’t a great choice. That is why blind spot systems are always the priority.

motorcycle blind spot monitor 2

What Parts Do A Motorcycle Blind Spot Monitor Have And How Do They Work?

The parts of a blind spot system affect its functions, range, and general mechanism. Every part of the vehicle performs a particular function. So, along with the change in the technical capability, comes a change in the intensity of that function.

Some of the parts of the motorcycle blind spot monitor and their functions are as follows:

1. Millimeter Wave Radar:

The wave radar is the primary and most basic part of the blind spot system. It is a wave transcoder that emits radio waves or microwaves. These microwaves help in the detection of target objects in the alarm area.

Functioning Of Millimeter Wave Radar Of Motorcycle Blind Spot Monitor:

As mentioned earlier, the blind spot radar emits microwaves that can reach only the specific detection area. These waves continuously oscillate in the area and maintain a non-electrical connection. If any target object enters the area, it interferes with the waves, and as a result, it gets detected by the radar.

motorcycle blind spot monitor 3

2. Indicator Lights Of Motorcycle Blind Spot Monitor:

After the target object’s detection, the next step is to alarm the rider. The motorcycle blind spot system makes it possible by flashing indicator lights.

Every motorbike blind view monitor has a pair of indicator warning lights. Whenever any one of these lights flashes, it alarms the rider about the incoming danger from the corresponding side.

3. Wire Harnesses Of Motorcycle Blind Spot Monitor:

Along with the detection and alarming parts of the product, some wires help to install them. These wires are called wire harnesses of the respective part. Such as

  • Radar Wire Harness
  • Indicator Light Wire Harness

motorcycle blind spot monitor 4

Other than that, there are some of the parts inside a typical motorcycle blind spot monitor kit that perform simple functions. Some of these are as follows:

  • Double-sided stickers for the radar and warning light attachment.
  • Protractor for the radar angle adjustment.
  • Mounting bracket to install the radar on.
  • Motorcycle blind spot camera.
  • An accessories package for the installation
  • A user/instruction manual.

How Do Motorcycle Blind Spot Monitors Vary?

Despite the principal function of the blind spot systems being the same, still, they differ in several technical parameters. Motorcycle blind spot monitors are classified into different variants according to their functions, technical specifications, and motorbike type.

Moreover, the systems can vary in shape, the number of equipment, and frequency band. All of these factors are discussed one by one below:

Frequency Band Of A Motorcycle Blind Spot Monitor:

The blind spot radar of a motorcycle blind view system can be of different frequency bands. It increases overall cost, detection area, and accuracy. Additionally, the frequency band also affects the detection and alarm time of the system.

Motorcycle blind spot sensors can have two ranges of frequency bands.

  • 24 GHz
  • 77GHz-79 GHz

Motorcycle Blind Spot Monitor Kit And Parts:

Every blind spot system has unique technical specifications. A variety of different parts make it all possible. Every motorcycle blind spot monitor kit has the parts according to the functionality of a particular system. These parts keep varying from variant to variant and vehicle to vehicle.

Some of the blind spot systems have a single indicator light, while others might have two. Also, some of the designs have two radars while others have one. So, the combined kit package of the system entirely depends on the product’s specifications.

Technical Specifications And Functionality Of A Motorcycle Blind Spot Monitor:

As every variant of motorcycle blind spot system is different, their specifications are also different. Every blind spot system for motorcycles can vary in different technical factors.

Detection Range Of A Motorcycle Blind Spot Monitor:

The change in a radar frequency band and the number of sensors can affect the detection range. For that reason, the area under which the microwaves are functional to detect any target object changes across different motorcycle blind spot monitors.

  • 77GHz – 79GHz; has an area that is 0.2m-0.4m wide and up to 50m long.
  • 24GHZ; provides a 0.2m-0.4m wide and up to 20m long blind spot detection for motorcycles.

Power Supply Required For A Motorcycle Blind Spot Monitor:

All blind spot motorcycle monitors require a minimum amount of power to function effectively. That power concentration can vary according to the technical needs of the equipment. For instance:

  • The 77GHz – 79GHz system requires a power supply that is < 3W
  • However, a 24GHz system requires a power supply of < 2W

How To Choose An Ideal Motorcycle Blind Spot Monitor For Your Motorbike?

There are plenty of choices for a blind spot system in the aftermarket. However, very few out of them serve the purpose rightfully. So, being a simple motorbike rider, how can you choose an ideal one? The one that suits you and your vehicle the best.

Several traits help a motorcycle blind spot monitor to stand out as the best. I am going to list some of these below. The system with most of these should be the one you choose.

  1. It must be waterproof up to Ip67.
  2. It must have high detection range. (20m – 50m)
  3. It must have adequate power demand. (2W – 5W)
  4. It should be easy to install.
  5. It should have better detection accuracy. (0.1m-0.2m)
  6. Try to buy from an individual blind spot store.
  7. The horizontal angle range must be 120° to 150°.
  8. The velocity measurement accuracy must be 0.1m/s.
  9. The distance resolution must be 0.2m-0.4m
  10. Make sure the working temperature lies between 25℃ to 75℃.

motorcycle blind spot detection system 24G


How Effective Is A Motorcycle Blind Spot Monitor? Can We Rely On It?

So you bought a motorcycle blind spot monitor for your motorbike, Or you are thinking of buying one. You might say to yourself, Is it effective? Yes, it is! At least, that’s what the Insurance Institute Of Highway Safety states.

The motorbike blind spot system tends to reduce the collision rate up to 15% to 35%. Moreover, this reduces the overall death ratio due to motorbike accidents on the road. The more swiftly and accurately a motorcycle blind spot monitor can detect and alarm about the object, the more reliable it is.

However, relying entirely on the blind spot monitor is not a good idea. So, you can never be too sure of its assistance. Blind spot system manufacturers make these products only to aid the rider while going on the road. One must never consider it as an additional digital rider of the motorbike. For that reason, regardless of its elevating effectiveness, it still isn’t enough to take a rider’s place.

What Are Some Common Problems A Motorcycle Blind Spot Monitor Owner Faces And Their Fixes?

Throughout a motorcycle blind spot monitor’s lifespan, you can encounter various problems. Their origin can be either from the customer or the manufacturer. No matter the cause that started the problem, its fix is easier than expected.

Due to the basic mechanism and easy installation of motorcycle blind spot systems, a rider with basic knowledge of the equipment can easily solve the problems.

Listed below is a table to diagnose the cause and look for the fix of common motorcycle blind spot monitor problems.


Problem Of Motorcycle Blind Spot Monitor. Possible Causes Of The Problems. Potential Fixes Of The Problems.
Failure to detect the objects in a blind spot.
  1. The speed of the motorbike is less than 10km/h.
  2. A metal object blocks the radar.
  3. The radar is damaged.
  4. The radar wire harness is missing or damaged.
  5. The motorbike’s speed is the same as the target object for a long time.
  1. Check for any damage to the blind spot radar or wire harness and replace them if needed.
  2. Remove if anything is blocking the way of signals from radar.
  3. Do not keep the same relative speed for a long time.
False Detection By Motorcycle Blind Spot Monitor.
  1. The system can detect stationary road rails, greenbelts, and grills.
  1. Beware of the surroundings when taking a deep turn or around the stationary objects on the bank of the road.
Reverse Indicator Flashing.
  1. Inverted installation of radar.
  2. Swapping of light connection wires.
  3. Damage to indicator lights
  4. Swapping of indicator lights.
  1. Swap the wires or lights to their original space.
  2. Replace the indicator lights or their wires if they are damaged.
  3. Make sure the radar has the correct alignment.
Motorcycle Blind Spot Monitor Complete Malfunction.
  1. Damage to power cord line
  2. No supply of voltage from the battery
  3. Disconnection or damage to the primary wire harness.
  1. Charge the battery if it isn’t.
  2. Remove and replace the power cord.
  3. Make sure the power supplied is according to the specifications (< 3W – < 2W)

Moreover, there are some conditions under which the motorcycle blind spot monitor might not work. Some of these are as follows:

  • If the target object is exceedingly away from the detection area, the system might not detect it.
  • Moreover, the system can detect two vehicles in adjacent lanes at a single time which might cause confusion.
  • During riding across a slope or tunnel, the indicator light may start flashing.

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Motorcycles are always a fun vehicle to ride. However, their elevated vulnerability rate decreases their beneficial exposure to the riders. The motorcycle blind spot monitor ensures that every rider gets swift, easy, and fun transport with utmost safety.

Along with that, make sure that the blind spot system you chose for your vehicle really pays off. It must serve the purpose you bought it for. Being a rider, you ride across different conditional weathers, sometimes through rainstorms and sometimes through the fog. That is why it must be waterproof.

Unlike cars, the motorcycle blind spot monitor is always exposed to the environment, especially the indicator lights. So, all the equipment parts must be reliable and durable to withstand every harsh condition.

If you have any questions, pls contact us!

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