Technical Support

Get fully customized blind spot detection systems to meet your client’s requirements. We have experts online to solve your problems in minutes.

The blind spot monitor company has advanced research and development center. Under the supervision of highly skilled engineers, we design our blind spot detection systems with extreme care and attention. We don’t store faulty pieces. All products are tested multiple times before adding them to the stock.

24G right blind spot alarm system

All vehicles can have blind spot detection systems. Therefore, we have a series of models specifically designed as per the vehicle types. However, there is always a client with unique order requirements.

Blind spot detection systems have different models with different functions and designs. If you have an order for a unique product, we will design a particular product following your client’s requirements. In a matter of uniqueness, it’s not just the design; we will also craft a product with a unique function. It’s like having a factory where you design products per your needs.

How Is It Useful?

  1. Selling one type of product is really challenging. A single change could cancel a signed order. No one likes a canceled order, right? So, you must have room for more products because clients are unpredictable; they can ask for a completely new product. It’s really relaxing to know that you have all products available.
  2. More products mean more sales. If you tell customers that you provide all types of blind spot monitors, no one will look for another seller. Everyone looks for a seller who can provide all designs in one place, maybe for a discount or something else. So, if everything is provided, you will have more sales and brand exposure.
  3. What’s the best part about technical support? It’s a helping hand if your customers approach you for help. You sell products as your own, so the customers will contact you for technical assistance. In most cases, our clients approach us for help, and our experts help them out. Answering your client’s queries increases their trust in you. So, always provide a helping hand to your customers and relax; we are always here to help.
  4. Custom design isn’t just about the new function; we also design a new appearance. It’s great if you need a unique product for your company that becomes your brand’s identity.

Benefits Of Technical Support:

  • 24G right blind spot alarm system testAvailability of all types and unique blind spot monitor systems.
  • Special designs for government projects.
  • Custom range and alarm systems.
  • New and unique appearance for your business.
  • Expert support to answer customer queries.
  • Extra brand exposure and unique identity.

We have all types of blind spot detection systems specially engineered for all vehicle types. Our radars are compatible with automobiles, ships, and aviation. Plus, it offers life application scenarios such as toilet monitoring, sleep monitoring, etc.

Currently, we have our main focus on microwave radars designed for automobiles, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles.

CUSTOMISED SOLUTIONR46 electronic rear view mirror

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