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Universal blind spot monitoring system maximizes the driver’s and passenger’s safety; that’s a reason why some insurance companies provide a discount for vehicles with these systems.

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The blindspotmonitor was belong to OYI Electronic. It is one of the earliest facilities to provide millimeter wave radar sensors with the core R&D technology. Our universal blind spot monitoring systems are compatible with all vehicles. Whether it’s a car, bike, or truck, we have a specific blind spot detection kit for all. We have successfully brought an easy-to-installed system so all vehicle owners can install one for themselves.

The driver’s safety concerns us the most because accidents have been prevalent. As per the statistics and interviews, maximum accidents occur because the driver didn’t see the incoming car in the side mirrors. Most would say it’s the driver who must be cautious. However, that’s a half-truth. All vehicles have certain blind spots which are invisible to the driver’s eyes. So, we introduced specific car systems that detect objects in blind spots and warn the drivers. Let’s discuss each one in detail:

Blind Spot Detection System For Cars

Cars are no doubt smaller than commercial vehicles, but don’t you want them to be safe? Let’s, for a moment, keep the car’s safety at risk. Is your safety unimportant too? Certainly not! For that reason, we designed universal blind spot monitoring systems, so you and your car are 100% safe. We have multiple models available, but the two main types are:

The 24GHz millimeter wave radar adopts supercomputing technology to detect incoming vehicles. Using supercomputing technology, it can detect multiple objects simultaneously. Furthermore, its super-fast computerized circuits calculate the object distance accurately. It provides high accuracy because it's essential to know the distance between the cars. For instance, a vehicle at a safe distance should not trigger an alarm. If the incoming car is at a distance safe for drivers to turn, alarming them is useless. Frequent alarms and sounds usually annoy drivers. Therefore, we have carefully designed our blind spot detection systems to be 100% accurate and helpful in driving. On top of that, we have blind spot detection mirrors for passenger cars. Our system will trigger a LED light in the side mirrors to warn drivers about objects in the blind spots. We have two levels of warning alarms: level 1 and level 2. In the level 1 warning alarm, only the LED light in the side mirrors will glow. However, if you turn on the turn signal and a vehicle is at the respective side, a level 2 warning will turn on. It will produce a beep sound to warn a little extra.
Choose 77GHz millimeter wave radar technology to get more advanced object detection. It has an antenna capable of capturing 2 transmitting and 4 receiving signals using high-end computer technology. Its more advanced system can detect 64 objects at one time with perfect distance accuracy. The car has multiple blind spots crucial to the driver's vision. In the absence of our universal blind spot monitoring system, it's practically impossible to monitor blind spots. Our 77GHz millimeter wave radar uses an advanced logarithm to avoid measuring the third lane. Its detection range is 4*50 meters. Just like the 24GHz millimeter wave radar, it also notifies the driver with two warning levels. They are identical in all universal blind spot monitoring systems.We have two levels of warning alarms: level 1 and level 2. In the level 1 warning alarm, only the LED light in the side mirrors will glow. However, if you turn on the turn signal and a vehicle is at the respective side, a level 2 warning will turn on. It will produce a beep sound to warn a little extra.

Blind Spot Detection System For Motorcycles

All vehicles have blind zones, even motorbikes. Motorcycles are more dangerous than cars. Therefore, it needs riders to be more attentive. But it’s not about the attentiveness of the rider; it’s about keeping track of every vehicle around you. In the presence of a helmet, it’s never possible. So, we have brought you a solution, a universal blind spot detection system.

Eyes in the helmet mean you can't monitor your surroundings. Let's say you have side mirrors to provide side lane visions, but they aren't enough. The motorbikes have blind spots, too, which aren't visible to riders, even in the presence of side mirrors. In such cases, one should adopt 24GHz millimeter wave radar that provides two-level alarm systems. It warns of vehicles on your right, left, and rear sides. In the level 1 alarm, it will show LED light glowing on the side mirrors. On the other hand, it will produce a "beep" sound if you turn on a turning signal and a vehicle is on the respective side. So, it means no more blocked visions and a stress-free ride.

Are you more serious about your safety? It's high time you get a 77GHz millimeter wave radar for your bike. It has more accuracy and object detection limits. At a time, you can keep track of 64 objects in the surrounding without any interference. Its detection range is 3*50 meters, which is more than enough for a motorbike.

It's the best blind spot monitoring system, especially for expensive bikes. Just like the others, it also has two warning levels. The warning levels work the same as in the other. However, this one is much more sensitive, with a wide range, and can detect more objects at one time.

Commercial Vehicles Blind Spot Detection

Commercial vehicles like long trucks and containers aren’t easy to drive. That’s one of the reasons why you need a special driving license for it. In addition to that, commercial vehicles have more blind spots than others. The only solution is our universal blind spot monitoring systems.

Commercial vehicles have more blind spots and are much more dangerous to others on the road. Therefore, it's highly crucial to install our 79GHz millimeter wave radar. The important thing to know about these systems is that they only monitor the right side of your commercial vehicle because that's the only vital side to keep track of. Considering sensitivity and accuracy, it provides the highest compared to other models. It will offer alarm sounds for cars, motorcycles, bicycles, electric vehicles, obstacles, and pedestrians. And just like the other models, it has two warning levels. They work the same as the others.

24GHz/77GHz millimeter wave radar custom blind spot monitor,Custom Development

Truck blind spot detection system solution

Depending on the requirement, we have a custom-design offer for our worldwide customers. We have our keen focus on radar improvements. The Radar is the core ADAS technology instrumental in the automotive industry. It has unique features; The radar technology is more durable and anti-weather. Whether it's dust, smoke, snow, or anything, you won't see any interference in our universal blind spot monitoring systems thanks to advanced radar technology. and more new and stable millimeter wave radar in the future.

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