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AD11 parking sensor 2 in 1 visual reversing sensor
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Parking Sensor AD11 11G microwave sensor camera

A parking assist sensor has become a necessity for truck drivers. It helps truckers park their large, commercial vehicles without colliding with other objects. The sensor sends real-time alerts to the driver, ensuring continuous updates about their surroundings. Truckers can also integrate the AD11 parking sensor with a collision avoidance system. This way, they can maximize their protection against road and parking crashes.

Our AD11 microwave parking sensor has an excellent detection range of up to 1.5 meters on the left and right sides. Furthermore, it can detect at an angle of 160 degrees on both sides, allowing the driver to evade a problem before it even occurs!

The primary features of our AD11 11G parking assist sensor are its detection and alert system. It can easily detect any obstacles around the truck. That includes stationary objects like cones, poles, guard rails, and parked vehicles. However, it takes truck protection one step further and detects dynamic threats, like moving vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, longboards, etc.

Once detected, it instantly sends an alert to the driver, notifying them of the potential threat. That enables you as a driver to make well-informed decisions, knowing your surroundings better.

But that’s not all you get with our AD11 parking sensor. Let’s look at its features!

AD11 parking assist sensor 2 in 1 visual reversing sensor

Features of Parking Sensor AD11 11G

Here are all the features of our parking sensor:

  • Completely waterproof body that works effectively in rain and other extreme weather conditions
  • Ability to integrate with the truck’s collision avoidance system (CAS)
  • Can also integrate with a camera to provide real-time footage when parking your truck
  • Minimal to zero false alarms with its accurate detection
  • Activates automatically when your truck is in parking mode
  • Comes in a universal model suitable for trucks of all brands

parking sensor function

How Does The AD11 11G Parking Assist Sensor Work?

The parking assist sensor has several levels of detection. It doesn’t send the driver an alert until it’s necessary. That’s because a false alarm can overwhelm the driver, leading them toward wrong decisions.

However, when it does send alerts, it ensures the drivers are notified. That’s because our parking assist system has long and short buzzers. If the threat is imminent, you get long alarms, ensuring that you take action. Alternatively, short buzzers mean the threat can be easily evaded by braking or maintaining your current speed.

The best part about this parking sensor is that it covers all ends of your truck. It can be mounted on the front and rear of your vehicle. You can also connect the camera, an optional add-on for increased safety.

Let’s look at the specifications of the microwave and the accessories included with it:

Accessories Included in the AD11 Parking Assist Sensor

The AD11 11G parking sensor includes all the essential equipment for smooth operations. Here’s what you get with it:

parking sensor AD11 list

Parking Sensor System Quantity
Sensor 1 or 2
Camera 1 (Optional)
Mounting Bracket Equal to the number of sensors
Display Unit 1
Buzzer 1
Sensor Cable Equal to the number of sensors
Camera Cable 1
Product Manual 1

Technical Specifications of the Parking Assist Sensor

The following are the technical specifications of our parking assist sensor:


Parking Sensor System Specs
Detection Angle 120°
Waterproof Grade IP67
Operating Power 2W
Operating Voltage 9V – 12V
Detection Range (left and right) 1.5 – 3 meters
Display Unit Touchscreen
Sensor Type Microwave

With our parking assist sensor, you don’t have to worry about parking hassles. You can say goodbye to even minor collisions that lead to a fortune for repair. Here are all the functions of the AD11 11G parking sensors:

Object Detection

The primary function of the parking sensor is to emit microwaves. This way, it can detect nearby vehicles in your truck’s proximity, making you able to park easily. Additionally, it also detects other objects and pedestrians that can be dangerous when reversing or parking a large and commercial vehicle.

Alert Mechanism

When the sensor detects a potential threat in your truck’s vicinity, it immediately triggers an alert. Usually, it could be a short or long buzzing sound, depending on the intensity of the threat. This way, you can decide your next action to park or reverse safely.

Road Protection

Despite its name parking sensor, it can help with more than just parking. The sensor collaborates with a truck’s collision avoidance system to ensure your road safety. It can trigger alerts after detecting a potential threat that could lead to a rear or head-on collision.

Camera Connectivity

Do you prefer vision over alerts? Then, you can replace your truck’s pre-installed camera with this parking camera. It comes with a monitor, providing you with a real-time view of your surroundings when your truck is parking or reversing. Thus, this system serves as a 2-in-1 package, providing both sensor detection and video footage.

Early Warning Mode

The parking sensor has an early warning mode that recognizes close objects. It can be critical in saving your truck from colliding with parked vehicles and other stationary objects. Similarly, it can be helpful when reversing your truck out of the parking zone. That’s because an obstacle can quickly come behind, leading to a potential threat.

Blind Spot Coverage

Remember that a truck is a larger vehicle than cars and SUVs. Thus, its blind spots are also larger and 10 times more dangerous. That’s why the parking sensors are mounted on both front and rear bumpers. This way, they can cover all four blind spots, providing you with an unobstructed view.

Night View

Do you often drive at night or in low-light conditions? Then, this parking sensor can help! It works just as effectively in these low-light environments. Its sensors have a night view mode that activates automatically after detecting nearby lighting.


If your system has a camera, the G-sensor can help significantly. It automatically detects an imminent collision and activates camera recording. Hence, it can record the sensitive footage that can come in handy in legal proceedings.

Advantages Of Parking Assist Sensor

Here are the primary advantages of parking assist sensor and the perks you get buying from us:

  1. We provide the 2-in-1 camera + microwave parking sensor to provide you with a complete package.
  2. Our parking sensor systems are durable and well-tested in several hazardous situations. That is how we maintain a remarkable success rate of 98%.
  3. We can customize the packaging and integration of the AD11 11G parking sensor according to your requirements.
  4. As manufacturers and sellers, we don’t have distributors and intermediaries. Thus, you can get the parking sensor system at affordable factory prices.
  5. Our customer support service is available 24/7 via live chat, email, and phone calls. We can offer you guidance on the installation and maintenance of the parking system, along with after-sales support.
  6. You don’t have to worry about the “out of stock” problem when dealing with us. We can manufacture up to 1,000 pieces per day, ensuring quick restocking of your desired parking system.
  7. We have an entire team of experienced automotive electronics engineers who can help you fix any problem occurring with your sensors.
  8. Our parking assistance sensors come with an in-depth product manual, covering the entire process of installation, calibration, maintenance, repairs, and more!

parking sensor AD11 warning code 1

The installation of our parking assist sensor is pretty straightforward. Plus, we include a product manual for smoother installation. Here’s how to do it:

Sensor Installation

Generally, you get 1 to 2 sensors, depending on your requirements. Here’s how to install them:

  1. Mark the location at the rear and front bumper of your truck to mount the sensors.
  2. Then, drill holes and place the mounting brackets.
  3. Now, you can mount the sensors on these brackets.
  4. Make sure the sensors are fixed at their locations.

You will also need to route the sensor cables to the designated power source. Generally, your truck’s batteries will do the trick.

Camera Installation

If you have any camera system installed in your truck, you might have to remove it. Then, follow these instructions:

  1. Mount the camera on the rear bumper, slightly above the sensors.
  2. Place the display unit (monitor) on your truck’s dashboard.
  3. Next, connect the camera and monitor cables.


The calibration process usually starts automatically after installing the system. If not, you can do it manually by following the instructions in the manual. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. The calibration will activate the parking sensors and read the environment.
  2. Test the system in your driveway before heading to a busy parking spot.

parking ASSIST sensor AD11 install

Are you ready to buy the parking assist sensor for your truck? Well, that’s an excellent decision! It can offer you safety while parking and reversing your truck. The best part? Its sensors are compact and sleek in design. Hence, no one will even notice them placed on your truck. They can enhance your safety significantly without ruining the vehicle’s exterior aesthetics.

One more thing to know is that it is a complete package. You can find many different parking systems in the market. However, not all of them are as reliable as the AD11 11G sensor. That’s because it can connect with a camera, monitor, and collision avoidance system, serving as a complete package.

Remember that it is equally important to buy this parking sensor from a reliable manufacturer. Luckily, you don’t have to look further! We can provide you with well-tested, reliable, affordable, and durable AD11 11GHz parking sensors. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now and get a free price quote for the system!

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