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Motorcycle Recorder SE60

A motorcycle rider knows the dangers of today’s traffic. Anyone can get nervous riding an uncovered vehicle when there are cars, SUVs, and trucks coming from the rear, left, and right. Riding is one of the dangerous jobs out there but not anymore with our modern motorcycle recorder. It provides real-time footage to the rider by using a set of HD cameras that work effectively in all weather conditions. As a result, you can easily maneuver through highways, busy roads, and almost anywhere. Learn all about our motorcycle recorder, model SE60, in this detailed overview!

Motorcycle Recorder SE60: The Ultimate Riding Solution

A motorcycle recorder has to constantly pay attention to the road. They also have to take extra precautions than other drivers. For instance, wearing safety gear like a helmet is a MUST. However, this protective equipment has become secondary in today’s context. The first thing to do is equip your motorcycle with an advanced assistance system. It is a modern solution that both professional and ordinary riders are adopting to tackle dangerous road crashes.

SE60 SCREEN motorcycle recorder

While advanced driving systems were generally limited to cars and trucks, manufacturers have realized that bikes are even more vulnerable. Thus, we have a solution like a motorcycle recorder that can prevent frontal and rear collisions by providing live footage of the road. This way, you can always make well-informed decisions and tackle situations that would otherwise lead to an impactful crash.

How Does Motorcycle Recorder SE60 Work?

A motorcycle recorder consists primarily of a set of cameras and a screen. It is a more advanced version of a traditional dash cam, which is generally not very feature-rich. The SE60 system takes things one step further by adding cutting-edge features, like multiple video modes, that you will not find in older devices.

Here’s how the motorcycle recorder works:

General Framework of SE60

First, the rider has to turn on the recording mode on the motorcycle recorder. Once on, it starts recording real-time road footage. Since the system has two cameras, you get videos from two sources. You can switch between them using the arrow keys.

The basic premise of the motorcycle recorder is to provide an extra set of eyes for the road. This way, you can see the areas that are invisible to the side-view mirror. That includes the forward and rear views.

The rear part is usually more dangerous because a vehicle immediately behind you will not appear in the side-view mirror. But using this recorder, you can actively monitor both spots and make the right decisions.

Similarly, you can also decide when to stop recording. Let’s say you are driving on a less busy road with minimal traffic. Hence, the smart move would be to pause the recording mode and save the device’s storage. As for storage, this system uses an SD card of up to 64GB. You can delete the videos you don’t need to free up memory. Otherwise, installing another card is also a viable option.

Specifications & Accessories with Motorcycle Recorder SE60

We offer all the essential equipment packaged with a motorcycle recorder SE60. Its specifications also make it an accessible option. That said, here are the accessories that you get with our system:

SE60 motorcycle recorder LISTSE60 PRODUCT LIST MOTO DASH CAM

Item Quantity
HD Camera 2
Control Box 1
LCD Displayer Screen/Control Pad 1
Battery 1 (built-in)
Memory Card 1 (32 – 64 GB)
Cables 2 (1 front lens – 1 back lens)
Extension Cables 2
Instruction Manual 1

Technical Specifications of Motorcycle Recorder SE60


Item Specifications
1 LCD screen HD – 3.0 inch
2 Lens 120 degrees (rotatable)
3 Recording Method Loop Recording
4 Video Resolution 480p, 720p, 1080p
5 Video Format MJPEG/AVI
6 Gravity Yes
7 Battery Lithium
8 Picture Resolution 1280×960, 1600×1200, 2048×1536
9 Upgradable Yes
10 Languages Supported English, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese

Key Functions of Motorcycle Recorder SE60

A motorcycle recorder works effectively to prevent impactful accidents. It keeps the riders and others safe on the road. However, that’s not all that our SE60 system can do. It is equipped with advanced technologies to offer a variety of features. Let’s look at some of the main functions of this system:


Camera Monitoring

The cameras of a motorcycle recorder start working as soon as you hit the record button. They can provide real-time footage of your nearby area, including forward and rear spots. The best part is that these cameras are weather-proof. That means they work in all conditions, including rain, snow, fog, etc. Plus, our system also has lenses that don’t get affected by dirt or debris, providing you with an accurate and crystal-clear view.

HD Screen Display

We offer LCD screens of various resolutions for our motorcycle recording system. While their qualities may vary, one thing is common: they all provide HD displays, ranging from 480p to 1080p.

The good thing about these screens is their convenient and accessible position. You can view the display easily without losing your attention on the road. Also, you can switch displays from one camera to another.

Lens Rotation

The lens rotation option allows you to get a broader picture. Our cameras can rotate up to 120 degrees, providing a better view than side-view mirrors. This way, the motorcycle rider can always track their surroundings.

Loop Recording

Loop recording means our cameras continue capturing footage until you hit the pause button. That means the system requires minimal human interference, taking the burden from your shoulders. The recordings are stored directly on the SD card. You can save those videos for later viewing to wave off false insurance claims and law enforcement purposes.

Gravity Sensor

The gravity sensor makes this system more advanced than a traditional recorder. It is an SOS approach that automatically predicts a collision. Furthermore, it records the video of that collision to use it as evidence. This sensor comes built-in to indicate the direction and intensity of gravity. You can configure its settings and adjust them to low, medium, or high sensitivity.

Photo Mode

The system can also capture photos rather than just videos. You can change the mode from the recorder’s menu. Furthermore, the date label is automatically printed on every photo. It allows you to keep your storage organized.

User Control

Lastly, our motorcycle recorder puts you in charge of the system rather than vice versa. That means you have complete control over all the settings. You can change the languages anytime you want. The available options are English, Russian, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese.

Similarly, you can change the device preferences. For instance, the touch tone lets you select whether the system should make a sound on your touch. Another such option is manual calibration of date and time. Setting a screen saver is also the user’s choice.

Last but not least, the user can also adjust the image’s exposure. Remember, the higher its value, the brighter the picture/video. You have options ranging from -3 to 3.

Should You Use a Motorcycle Recorder?

The increasing traffic and number of accidents reported regularly have made motorcycle recorders a necessity instead of a choice. Using it can minimize the chances of accidents that can otherwise cause serious harm. For a beginner, this advanced system is highly recommended. They can find the perfect footing and start their motorcycling journey more effectively and safely.

However, experienced and professional riders will also find this system helpful. It provides the much-needed protective measures otherwise missing in a motorcycle.

It is also important to note that governments of different countries are promoting advanced driving systems. The US is the prime example for this case, allowing manufacturers and assemblers to set up shop in the nation. Thus, it is the best time to use our motorcycle recorder SE60 to protect yourself while complying with the changing government’s policies.

It Makes You a Pro!

Experts recommend using advanced systems for motorcycles, especially for beginners. A motorcycle recording system can increase your response time to tackle dangerous scenarios. Additionally, it can make you a more skilled rider by upgrading your decision-making ability. So, you learn to ride faster and become a more effective rider!

The installation of a motorcycle recorder is simple. You wouldn’t necessarily require professional assistance for it. Our instruction manual contains everything you need to know to set up the system.

SE60 install motorcycle recorder

Generally, this recording system has four main components: 2 cameras, 1 LCD screen, and 1 control box. Let’s look at the installation of each component one by one:

Installation Of The Cameras

The two cameras are the most important component of your recorder. They are installed on the front and rear sides of the motorcycle. But where exactly? Let’s see:

  1. The first camera goes on the motorcycle’s headlight. You can adjust the height according to your preference.
  2. The second camera is mounted below the tail light. However, some bikes don’t have this area. In that case, you can mount the second lens on the fender.

Installation Of the Screen

The LCD screen is where you track the video recorded by the cameras. Here’s how to install it:

  • The LCD screen mounts on the speedometer of your motorcycle. You can adjust it depending on your bike’s model and specifications.

Installation Of the Control Box

Lastly, we have the central piece that keeps the system connected. Here’s what to do with the control box:

  • You will have to detach your motorcycle’s seat and place your control box inside. Many people use this area to keep their essentials, like a toolbox. However, the control box is small. That still leaves space for some other items.

The Wiring Considerations

Here’s how to handle the wiring:

  • The front and back lens wires connect to the control box.
  • The negative buck line wire is also connected to the control box.
  • You can use the extension lines in our package if the default cables seem short.

Remember that it is always better to be safe than sorry. Make sure to make the most out of a motorcycle recorder. You can maximize its utility while on busy roads and highways to protect yourself from impactful accidents.

Furthermore, this system works efficiently to protect others on the road as well. That includes other drivers and pedestrians. Worried about the system’s accuracy? Rest assured that our company offers well-tested and durable motorcycle recorders. Over the years, we have maintained our 98% success rate by testing our products in competitive scenarios before selling them.

Consider buying this recording system for your motorcycle from us. We can provide this solution at factory prices, installation guidance, customized packaging, and 24/7 customer service availability.

So, contact us today and get a free price quote!

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