Blind Spot Detection For Heavy Vehicles

Every commercial and heavy vehicle has blind spots. The worst part is that they are significantly bigger and more dangerous than car’s. Any vehicle that gets into your blind spot becomes practically invisible and can collide with you. If it is a smaller vehicle, it might not damage you. But your vehicle’s heavy magnitude can extremely damage them.

The simple solution to avoid accidents in these areas is using blind spot detection for heavy vehicles. It is an assistive driving system that monitors blind spots actively. If a vehicle approaches these vulnerable areas, the system alerts the driver with an audible or visual warning. This way, the driver can decide when to change lanes, turn, or stick to their position.

right side blind spot detection system for trucks

Upgrade Your Ride With Blind Spot Detection For Heavy Vehicles

We offer several types of blind spot detection for heavy vehicles. Here are some of our models:

  1. Truck Blind Spot Detection 24G 11RS
  2. Truck Blind Spot Detection 77G H3B
  3. Truck Blind Spot Detection 79G 01R

Truck sensor radar compare list

The main differences between these blind spot detection sensors are detection range, measuring accuracy, and distance resolution. Depending on the model, they can monitor an excellent range of 0.2m to 50m.

Additionally, all our blind spot detection for heavy vehicles is waterproof with a grade of IP 67. That means they can withstand all weather challenges, including rain and snow. Since they use millimeter radar-based sensors, they also remain unaffected by dirt, dust, and fog. You do not have to clean or maintain them like a side-view mirror.

Each of our blind spot detection kits are equipped with advanced functions. They contain features like early warning, self-inspection, different working modes, lane assist, and real-time blind spot monitoring. In short, they offer maximum protection on the road, keeping you, your heavy vehicle, and others safe.

Choose Our Blind Spot Detection For Heavy Vehicles

We offer high-quality blind spot detection for heavy vehicles in a range of options. Each model has unique strengths, bringing something different to the table. So, it’s best if you check all models and find the one that matches your requirements.

Our blind spot detection sensors are designed to provide 100% accurate results. They are tested by experts and commercial vehicle drivers, ensuring 100% effectiveness. But by no means can they replace your safe driving practices. They are assistive systems to add more layers of protection for your heavy vehicle. So, it is recommended not to rely on these systems entirely.

Worried about the blind spot detection system price? Our live chat is available 24/7 for our customers. We have a dedicated support team here to answer all your questions. You can ask for more information and the price of the model you want.

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