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Aftermarket Parking Sensors for Trucks

Did you know that over 60,000 people are injured in parking lots every year? A huge chunk of that number is related to truck parking accidents. Since it is a large vehicle with more blind spots, parking it perfectly without collisions can be a hassle. But that’s where aftermarket parking sensors come in to save the day!

Also known as aftermarket reverse sensors, this parking assistance technology ensures you park and reverse your truck without colliding with other parked vehicles. Additionally, it saves crashes with stationary objects, like poles, guard rails, etc.

However, the biggest benefit of these aftermarket parking sensors is their assistance with pedestrians. Unlike most other technologies, our sensors can detect pedestrians, bicycles, and longboarders in your truck’s proximity. That can help ensure a safer environment for everyone in parking lots and spaces!

Endless Benefits Of Aftermarket Parking Sensors

Now, you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune repairing truck damages. That’s because you can avoid them entirely with safer parking and reversing. Aftermarket parking sensors offer a variety of benefits, including:

  • Increased protection for your truck, other vehicles, pedestrians, and objects in your parking vicinity.
  • Smoother parking and reversing, saving you time by double-checking before every move.
  • The aftermarket models are universal, making them suitable for all models of pickup, semi, and commercial trucks.
  • Parking sensors are easier to install, saving you from the increased costs of professional assistance.
  • Using the technology makes you a better and more aware driver, considering all the stationary and moving objects when parking and reversing.

Parking Made Easier with Our Aftermarket Sensors

Relying on your backup cameras is old-fashioned now. Today, you can use an aftermarket backup sensor to get more accurate readings of your surroundings. Our sensors are weather-resistant, working effectively in rain, snow, fog, and other extreme conditions. Plus, they are resistant to dirt and debris, providing precise detection.

Our aftermarket parking sensors come with an efficient alert mechanism, buzzers. They alarm the driver after detecting an object in your truck’s proximity during parking and reversing. This way, you can say goodbye to wrong decisions that often lead to devastating collisions.

The best part? Well, we maintain a success rate of 98%. That means you have minimal to zero chances of getting false alarms with our sensors. They will only alert you if a potential threat exists in your surroundings, enabling you to make well-versed decisions.

Get the Best Aftermarket Parking Sensors For Your Truck

When it comes to driving, quality is something you should never compromise. A wrong product can lead to false alarms, increased maintenance costs, inaccurate detection, and other problems. So, what should you do? Luckily, you can get the best aftermarket parking sensors from us.

We offer a wide range of aftermarket reverse sensors, each with its own strengths. However, two things are common between these sensors, durability and reliability. Our sensors are tested in different scenarios, maintaining the lowest failure rate of 2%. The best part? All of these systems are available at factory prices because we don’t work with any middlemen.

You can also count on us to customize packages for you. Feel free to contact our customer support and get a free price quote!

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