Car Blind Spot Monitor

A car has many areas invisible from the rear-view mirror, known as blind spots. They are also commonly referred to as no-zones or danger zones. As you may expect from the names, these spots are invisible from the drivers or riders. These are the reasons for most car accidents.

To keep you protected, we offer car blind spot monitors. They are assistive driving systems that alert you of any approaching vehicle in your blind areas. Let’s look at which products we have in this category!

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Blind Spot Monitoring Systems For Your Car

We offer universal blind spot monitoring systems, meaning you can install them on any brand or model car. Plus, the installation process is fairly simple. Each blind spot detection model has unique features, like range, speed limit, etc.

Some of our products in this category include:

All these models have different characteristics mentioned in their respective instruction manuals. Every car blind spot monitor may have a distinguished alert system, detection distance, range accuracy, water-proof level, etc. You can choose the right option by going through the specs. From our collection, go to the specs tab of the BSM model and check if it fits your requirements.

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Makes Your Driving Easier and Safer

We offer a range of different car blind spot monitors with unique features. Why choose us? Well, all our products are well-tested according to the driver’s perspectives. Moreover, their designs are well-simulated, so there is no compromise on durability.

Our blind spot monitors will protect you on highways by detecting vehicles in your no-zones. After detecting a vehicle, they will trigger a notification to alert you. Sensors carry this process by emitting radar waves to sense the nearby area. The alert system varies depending on the blind spot monitor model. Some may have flashing lights, and others notify via chimes or beeps. Either way, this assistive driving system can prevent collisions in the most dangerous blind spots.

Our Customized Solutions

Could not find the product you were looking for? No worries, we can design one for you. We offer customized solutions to all our clients. Reach us through e-mail or number to discuss your needs. Plus, it’s a great option if you want to start a business. Give us your brand logo and we will imprint it on all ordered models. It helps promote your brand and helps you compete with others.We highly encourage our clients to get custom packages as they are an excellent marketing strategy.

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