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Is Motorcycle Blind Spot Detection System Worth it? – What Is It Exactly?

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Is Motorcycle Blind Spot Detection System Worth it? – What Is It Exactly?


There is no doubt that motorcycles are one of the swift and easy-to-ride transport options. However, these lack the safety protocol for riders on the road. As general as it seems, motorbikes have no structural covering like cars. So, in case of an accidental collision, the rider is at risk of unsafe injuries.Motorcycle blind spot detection system

Moreover, the blind areas of a motorbike make it worse. To lessen the crash risk, it is essential for the rider to use a motorcycle blind spot detection system. The aid of the motorcycle blind spot system will save both the rider and the motorbike. This life-saving aspect of the blind spot system is a fact that proves its worth to the rider. Keep reading to judge what a motorcycle blind spot monitoring system is and whether every rider needs it or not.

Motorcycle Blind Spot Detection System

Every vehicle on the road is at risk due to blind spots, no matter if it is a car, truck, or motorbike. That is why the blind spot detection system is crucial for every automobile. The motorcycle blind spot detection is an apparatus whose function is to detect the moving objects in the blind spots and alarm the rider. The number and area of these spots can vary with the motorbike type.

Motorcycle Blind Spot Detection System Kit:

Every blind spot system comes with a package having every essential item for its working. Motorcycle blind spot detection systems are not very complicated in operation and installation. Therefore, its kit has fewer products as compared to the other high-sized vehicles. The most common blind spot system kit products and their functions are as follows.

Motorcycle blind spot detection system kit

Millimeter Wave Radar:

It is one of the best quality radar sensors out there with different frequency ranges. The frequency band depends on the product. It can be 24Ghz, 77Ghz, or 79GHz. However, a greater frequency band directs better detection precision and better active signal range. The basic function of motorcycle blind spot detection system radar is to detect dangerous target objects.

● Indicator Lights; The Alarm System:

The package has a set of indicator lights. These are the primary alarming procedural system for the product. Whenever the blind spot sensor detects a target object in any area, the motorcycle blind spot detection system prompts a warning with the help of an indicator light on the relevant side.

Moreover, some motorbikes include a buzzer as well. The buzzer starts making a sound whenever you turn on the turn signal while there is a car or object in the detection area.

● Wire Harnesses:

This part is critical for assembling every motorcycle blind spot detection system. It includes a power line that links the system to the power source. Moreover, every practical part of the system has its own wire harness for the linkage.

Along with these parts, there is some bonus gear as well to assist in installation. Such as;

● Radar Mounting Bracket:

It is a bracket made up of either plastic or metal that we use to mount the blind spot warning system radar on the vehicle. The radar and bracket have screw holes in them. First, the rider mounts the radar at a specific angle according to the manual and then tightens the screws to hold it in place.

● Double-Sided Stickers:

The package has multiple sets of double-sided stickers. The riders use these to attach indicator lights to a place where they can see them easily. These stickers have a strong adhesive tied to them. Therefore, it is most unlikely that the lights will come off any time soon.

● Instruction Manual:

The instruction manual of the blind spot detector system has all data about the product specifications, usage, and installation procedure.

Benefits And Features Of An Ideal Blind Spot Detection System:

Every blind spot detection motorcycle system has its own features. No matter the type of system, the general functions and uses remain the same. Some of the elite features and benefits of using an ideal motorcycle blind spot detection system are as follows:

An all-time Practical Use:

In cars, most parts of the blind spot system are inside the vehicle. Just the radar or some linking wire harnesses are outside the body. However, in the case of motorbikes, it is the opposite to that.

Blind spot systems, chiefly the indicator lights of the alarm systems, are nonstop exposed to the environment. Therefore, they must deal with the sun’s heat, rain, fog, and dust.

Keeping all those conditions in mind, credible firms design their products to be the most durable. An ideal motorcycle blind spot detection system is waterproof and dustproof. Plus, it is invincible to the extreme shaking and jolting of the motorbike.

Pre-riding Check Ups:

No matter how perfectly you installed your blind spot warning system, you can never be too sure of its operation. To clear all the doubts, you must check the system before going on a ride. However, that is something an ideal blind spot system will do. The motorcycle blind spot detection system will recheck itself before you start your journey. Not only that, but it will notify the rider if there is an error.

Motorcycle blind spot detection system 2

Lane Change Assist:

While shifting a lane, motorcycle spot mirrors are insufficient because they can easily miss the oncoming vehicles. However, a high-quality motorcycle blind spot detector system has a vast range of detection up to 20 meters. Therefore, all the adjacent lanes become easy to detect. When taking a turn, it assists the rider and prevents crashes.

Early Warning Function:

It is a key feature that saves many lives and vehicle damages. Some blind spot systems are not capable of alarming the riders early so they can act accordingly. All thanks to the huge detection area of an ideal motorcycle blind spot detection system, things are not like this in our products. A high-end blind spot system detects and warns the rider early about any incoming vehicle. That is why the rider has enough time to respond to and deal with the potential threat.

Working Of A Motorcycle Blind Spot Detection System?

For riders to use the blind spot warning system at its full ability, they must be aware of its working. The working of a motorcycle blind spot detection system is simple as any other blind spot system. It involves two basic steps.

  1. Detection Process
  2. Warning Process

We will discuss both of these in detail below

Detection Process:

The detection of a blind spot monitor involves the working of microwave radar. Every aspect of target detection revolves around it. A millimeter wave radar emits microwaves that oscillate in their respective range. Whenever a target object enters the detection area, it disrupts the wave signals. In return, the motorcycle blind spot sensor detects this interference as a detection stimulus.

Warning Process:

The warning process of a motorcycle blind spot detection system can vary according to the system package. If the system has just two indicator lights, the lights will start flashing. Whenever the system detects a target object on either side, it induces a flashing response in the corresponding side light.

Motorcycle blind spot detection system 3

Moreover, if there is a buzzer included in the alarm system, both the sound and the flashing lights warn the rider. Although, the buzzer will prompt the sound only when the turn signal is on.

Also, some blind spot systems have a flashing sequence for the warning light. The orderly flashing of lights can be an indication of the risk intensity or distance of the target object.

Cost Of Motorcycle Blind Spot Detection System

The cost of blind spot systems changes with the variation in their types. The installation procedure and build quality of a system affect its price. The main difference is in frequency bands which causes price variation.

Moreover, the installation price of a blind spot system can be around 90 $ to 150 $

Reasons to Choose Motorcycle Blind Spot Detection System

Nowadays, advanced vehicles have built-in blind spot systems in them. The reason is that it has become a vital necessity for cars on the road. Several factors make the system worth the money. Some of these are as follows.

Collective Safety On the Road:

Vehicles on the road are always in danger. Sometimes because of their own blind spots and sometimes due to adjacent vehicles’ blind spots. For that reason, a motorcycle blind spot detection system is essential not only for you but for the safety of road individuals as well. Making the functional blind spot monitor compulsory for every blind spot system will ensure a common safe road environment.

Rider’s Assistance:

Nowadays, people prefer to ride bikes for easy and fast transport. It has become more of a fun activity and less of a necessity. However, riding a bike on a traffic road is not a game but a critical responsibility.

While riding your bike on the road, you are vulnerable to unwanted accidents. For that reason, you are not only responsible for your own life, but for the lives of road individuals as well. A motorcycle blind spot detection system lessens this burden off your shoulders by accurately monitoring the places that you cannot see.

Moreover, it decreases the risk chances elevated by the motorcycle helmet blind spots. Despite all the advantages of a motorcycle blind spot system, still, a rider must never rely entirely on the system. Firms make this product just to assist you and not to act as an additional digital rider.

Variations In Motorcycle Blind Spot Detection System

There aren’t many extensive lists of types of motorcycle blind spot detection systems in the market. However, there are several factors due to which one system differs from the other.

The biggest factor of them all is the radar’s frequency band. The band not only changes the detection range but the detection accuracy as well. For that reason, it is the leading cause of increase or decrease in the cost of production.

Regarding frequency bands, the radar can be 24GHz, 77GHz, or 79GHz. 79Ghz has the most cost, detection accuracy, and signal range among all of them. Whereas the 24GHz motorcycle blind spot detection system has the lowest technical specifications.

Despite the fact that 24GHz is at the bottom of the list of functionality, it still serves the purpose exceptionally. Like any other ideal system, it can effectively detect the object and alarm the rider.

Operation Errors Of A Motorcycle Detection System

Blind spot manufacturers try to make their products error-free and absolute. However, the rough use of customers and any unintentional damage to the equipment can cause various errors. Some of those are resolvable by the drivers themselves. Whereas, for some of those issues, the replacement of the respective part becomes the only solution.

Following are some of the errors and their possible solutions.

Failure In Detection:

Sometimes the motorcycle blind spot detection system fails to detect an object entirely. In this condition, the system remains of no use to the rider. There can be several reasons for the origination of this error. The radar emits microwave signals that help in the detection. However, these wave signals cannot pass through metal. Therefore, blockage of radar can cause complete or partial detection failure.

Moreover, the wrong mounting angle of radar, damage to the motorcycle blind spot sensor, or its wire harness can be other potential causal factors of this problem.

Possible Solutions:

  1. Make sure any metal object does not block the radar of the motorcycle blind spot detection system.
  2. Check for any damage to the radar or wires. Replace them if there is impairment or damage.
  3. Make sure the angle of the radar is correct.

Complete Malfunction Of The System:

In a complete malfunction, the motorcycle blind spot detection system stops detecting and alarming the rider about target objects. It can be a possible result of damage to the power line or vehicle’s power supply. The damage to the circuit wire harness can also cause this problem.

Possible Solutions:

  1. Change the power line
  2. Check whether you are supplying appropriate power to the system.
  3. If there are any damaged parts, replace them with new ones.

Alarm System Errors:

These errors can cause two different conditions.

  1. Wrong /opposite indicator light flashing.
  2. Complete failure of the alarm system.

If your motorcycle blind spot detection system warns you about the target from the wrong side indicator light, there can be two causes. You either swapped the lights or their wire harnesses.

Although, complete failure of the alarm system results from disconnection of wire harnesses or damage to the buzzer, indicator lights, or their linking wires.

Possible Solutions:

  1. Ensure the right and left warning lights are at their correct places. Swap them if they are not.
  2. Monitor the buzzer, lights, and wire harnesses for the motorcycle blind spot detection system for any damage. Replace them if the error continues.

False Detection:

As the name states, in this condition, the system detects and warns the driver about objects that aren’t a risk. It is not a systematic issue but rather a general conditional problem. The causes can vary with the driving environment. This problem is typically seen in tunnels and sometimes with stationary objects such as trees and road rails.

Choosing The Best Motorcycle Blind Spot Detection System

With so many competitive options, choosing a blind spot monitoring system for your motorcycle is tricky. Every vehicle makes its product absolute or at least claims for it to be exceptional. However, very few are credible and supply the products that are worth the money.

Motorcycle blind spot detection system 4

To choose the best motorcycle blind spot detection system, you must follow the guidelines described.

  • Your blind spot system is exposed to harsh environmental conditions. While riding a bike, you can come across rain, dust, or fog. So, choose the system that is durable in these conditions. Try to go for the motorcycle blind spot detection system with a waterproof level of Ip67.
  • Some of the firms offer cheap blind spot monitoring systems with premium features. Avoid these companies as they will save revenue by compromising build quality and technical parameters.
  • Do not buy the most expensive products. A mediocre range is perfect as you’ll get everything you need for safety.

OYI company's factory areaConclusion:

It does not matter how good of a driver you are; you can never monitor every inch of the road. There are always risks of potential accidents that can cause damage to your vehicle. Therefore, the motorcycle blind spot detection system is crucial for every rider.

The system minimizes those hazards to the lowest possible value and acts as a riding assist for the rider. However, the designing process and build quality of the product will directly affect its working. So it is imperative to choose the best service provider to get the system from.

If you have any questions, pls contact us!

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