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What’s the installation cost of blind spot Monitoring Systems

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Effective working of blind spot systems isn’t possible without a perfect installation. Installation of the system directly impacts its reliability and mechanism of action. For that reason, drivers pay great attention to the installation practice.

However, a usual car driver can’t install a blind spot monitoring system effectively. It is the work of a skilled recruit. That is why firms stop you from installing the system all by yourself. It is better to call a technical worker who has a practice in the process. Especially for complex systems with a difficult installation procedure, it becomes essential. It will cost you some dollars, but it will ensure your and your vehicle’s safety. Keep reading to know the different installation cost of blind spot monitoring systems.

Installation cost of blind spot monitoring systems

What Is The Installation Cost Of Blind Spot Monitoring Systems?

Every blind spot system has its own set of parts. These parts have different installation methods. Therefore, the setting up of every blind spot system is not the same. However, the general steps of installation are the same. Every blind spot system has a radar and some type of alarm system. In installation order, the drivers can deploy them as follows.

Radar Mounting:

Radar mounting stays the same up to the attachment and adjustment trials. However, the number of radars, place to mount, and radar frequency can vary across the systems. Therefore, to some extent, the blind spot sensor installation price keeps shifting.

Wire Connection:

The wire link of the blind spot systems is almost the same. There are buzzer, radar, and lamp wire harnesses that link with the power supply. However, some extra features like screens and cameras have separate wires, making it much more complex.

Indicator Lamp Or Buzzer Installation:

It is pretty much the most basic step. The drivers mount the indicator lights and buzzer inside the vehicle. They use either a double-sided sticker or a screw withholding stand.

Installation cost of blind spot monitoring systems 1

Moreover, change in any of these steps depends on the blind spot system. Some radars are easy to install. On the other hand, some of them need precise mounting. Likewise, some wire links are simple. With just a few connections of binds and extensions, the system becomes functional. However, some wire contacts are so complex that there is a great chance of errors.

The more difficult the process is, the higher its cost will be. Listing every installation cost of blind spot monitoring systems is not possible. So, we’ll list a range in which every blind spot system lies. The ideal blind spot detection system pricing range is $200 to $500.

But some basic units can have fixed costs as low as $150 to $180.

Does The Installation Cost Of Blind Spot Monitoring Systems Vary?

We know that blind spot monitoring systems are not the same. They vary not only in shapes and sizes but also in functions and technical limits. Therefore, their installation orders change as well.

The basic blind spot systems do not need any extra installation aid. You can mount these systems onto your vehicle with ease. The only thing that you’ll need is a bit of time and basic facts about the equipment. So, these systems are out of the race for the installation cost of blind spot monitoring systems.

However, obstacles increase if we jump to the high-end blind spot monitors. For that reason, rather than a 24GHz blind spot system, a 77GHz frequency band radar will be challenging to install. Same as that, the systems with an advanced alarm system with a buzzer and multiple indicator lights have more complex wire links. That is why the experienced installation becomes necessary.

  • The essential installation cost of blind spot monitoring systems can range from 180 $ to 250.
  • The cost keeps growing further according to the strain of the procedure and vehicle type. It can be as low as 250 $ and as high as 500 $.

Why Does Installation Cost Of Blind Spot Systems Vary?

The leading cause of the difference in blind spot system installation is the stress of the procedure. This difficulty can be a result of many factors. They can be either system-oriented or vehicle-oriented. We will discuss all of these in detail next.

What Factors Affect The Cost Of Blind Spot Monitoring Systems Installation?

As discussed earlier, the installation cost of blind spot monitoring systems changes. So, there are some factors that directly affect the pricing of the system. These elements can go both ways. Therefore, they are capable of increasing or decreasing the price.

A summary of some of these factors is as follows.

Vehicle Type:

Vehicles have different dimensions and designs. Therefore, a single fitting procedure is not reliable for every vehicle. Cars have various installation trials than trucks or motorcycles. The easiest installation way is for motorcycles in terms of complications. Due to these variations, there is a major change in the installation cost of blind spot monitoring systems through the types.

Moreover, the facts of some subfactors’ impact on the cost are as follows.

Length And Size Of A Vehicle:

The longer a vehicle is, the more blind spots it will have. Therefore, longer vehicles need systems that cover high alarm areas, which makes them complex. For that reason, the longer a car is, the greater its installation cost of blind spot monitoring systems will be.

The same goes for the size. Bigger vehicles like trucks need longer wires to link. These are not easy to deal with. Therefore, a surge in size also increases the cost of installing a blind spot detection system.

Motorcycle blind spot systems have two indicator lights and radar. The entire installation procedure spins around mounting these two outside the body and linking their wire harnesses. Moreover, the most complex system to install is the blind spot system for trucks. That is why it costs the most.

  • The blind spot monitor installation cost of a truck ranges from 250 $ to 500 $
  • The installation cost of blind spot monitoring systems for a car is around 200 $ to 300 $
  • For motorbikes, the fitting price drops town to a range of 150 $ to 250 $

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Technical Specifications Of Blind spot System:

Technical terms of a blind spot system not only affect the installation cost of blind spot monitoring systems but the purchase cost as well. The amount of effort and technical skill required to design these products increase their overall price.

There is no doubt that bonus features increase the systems’ working ability. But these need high-quality parts with an improved apparatus.

For instance, if the firm wants to improve the detection range and accuracy, it will increase the quality, frequency band, and the number of radars in the system. However, this will increase the built-up cost. Also, fixing two radars instead of a single one is difficult and complex. Therefore, the installation cost of blind spot monitoring systems increases.


The reasonable cost can vary according to your region as well. The small areas where this technology is emerging will have a much higher price. Moreover, the number of expert personnel at a certain place also affects the installation cost of blind spot monitoring systems.

Advanced Manufacturing Firms:

Sometimes people choose the firms to call for setting up the products. Where some companies offer a free or cut-price, there are some well-reputed firms as well whose installation cost of blind spot monitoring systems goes through the roof. However, those hefty amounts of dollars are worth it. The firm working people are highly practiced and minimize all the risk of errors. This assurance of reliability tempts people to choose this option.

What Are The General Types Of Installation On The Basis Of Costs?

Based on costs, the installation of a blind spot detection system can be of two general sorts.

  1. Self installation
  2. Paid installation

Self Installation:

This type of connection depends fully on the driver or the owner of the blind spot system. There is no linkage of any extra tech personnel. Some blind spot systems are so basic that there is no need for a hands-on fixing guide. However, an inexpert driver with zero knowledge about the equipment can pick the paid option to clear any doubts.

Some of its key pros and cons are as follows.


  • It saves the installation cost of blind spot monitoring systems.
  • As you set up the system yourself, so, dealing with an error will become easy.


  • It is time-consuming as your skill won’t be enough. Plus, if you rush in the process, the chances of errors will increase.
  • It has high error origination chance than the other one.

Paid Installation:

As the name suggests, for this installation, you must pay someone to accurately and precisely install a blind spot monitoring system on your vehicle. This installation cost of blind spot monitoring systems can be expensive depending on the types of vehicles and blind spot system. However, it has some pros and cons, listed below.


  • It guarantees the maximum efficiency of the system with great accuracy and precision.
  • The error origination rate is near zero.


  • It is expensive compared to self installation, which has no installation cost for blind spot monitoring systems.

Does The Installation Cost Of Blind Spot Monitoring Systems Worth Extra Money?

We know that blind spot systems are must-have equipment for our cars. It helps us monitor the spots on the road that are impossible with a naked eye. Therefore, it saves us from hazardous accidents.

Now, to accurately detect the object inside the area and alert the driver about it, the installation must be exceptional. Many errors could originate if you show any carelessness in the installation procedure. Any silent error on the road, like a failure of detection, can cause unintentional collisions.

Therefore, it is best to choose someone experienced to install the blind spot system. This procedure will determine the success rate of the system. So, ensuring the safety of yourself and your vehicle worth every extra dollar for the installation cost of blind spot monitoring systems.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Cheap Installation Cost Of Blind Spot Monitoring Systems?

The blind spot monitor installation cost directs an exceptional response towards its functioning. Absolute installation guarantees the proper working of the product. However, some drivers ignore the importance of installation and go for a service provider with the lowest installation cost of blind spot monitoring systems.

Their choice to save some pennies can cost them far more damage than they can think of. Choosing a cheap installation provider can have these potential drawbacks.

Increased Error Origination Rate:

Getting the assistance of inexperienced technical personnel for installation can cause reversible and irreversible errors. If the worker does not have adequate knowledge about the product and its procedure, the chances of misconnection increase.

This carelessness can result in several errors. The drivers can resolve some of these. However, some errors are irreversible and cause permanent damage. These can result in complete malfunction. So, the money you saved from the installation cost of blind spot monitoring systems can cause permanent loss of the entire blind spot system. That is why to remove all the doubts choose an adequate service provider.

Damage To The Car:

We know that choosing a cheap agency to add a blind spot monitor can cause permanent malfunction of the system. But it poses even more serious threats to the vehicle. If the installation worker is inexperienced, any misconnection can result in a short circuit. This small mistake can result in damaging both the system and your car.

Consequences Of The Cheap Installation:

Moreover, agencies with a cheap installation cost of blind spot monitoring systems have devastating consequences. Some of these are as follows.

● Failure To Detect:

In this error, the system fails to detect any target object inside the alarm area. This problem is somewhat solvable. However, if it is due to any damage to radar or wire harnesses, then it causes irreversible damage. The only process to resolve the issue is to replace the damaged part.

● False Detection:

In this error, the system detects false objects that are not a potential hazard for the car or driver. For instance, a stationary guard rail. However, you can also face this problem in tunnels, which has nothing to do with improper installation.

● Complete System Malfunction:

The system stops working entirely in this condition. It ditches its ability to detect and warn the driver. However, this condition is also solvable to some extent. If there is anything wrong with the digital algorithm of the vehicle, you can renew it easily. But in the case of damage to any part or a short circuit, replacement is the only option left.

● Alarm System Failure.

Both buzzer and indicator lights can fail in this condition. If the lights are not flashing at all, you must replace them or check their wire harness. The same goes for the buzzer. If the buzzer is not giving any sound at all, check its wire harness.

Moreover, if there is a control box in the system’s package, its improper installation can also cause this problem.

How To Choose The Best Installation Service based on Costs?

The blind spot collision warning systems have different installation methods based on the package. To choose the best installation cost of blind spot monitoring systems, you must evaluate some information. It includes the vehicle type, functioning mechanism, and technical specifications. Moreover, your choice of the blind spot system matters a lot.

  • The first step is to look for your car model number, length, and other parameters. It will help you judge better your blind spot monitor choice.
  • Once you have made up your mind, look if the system you chose is an advanced one.
  • If your car is small in size and length with fewer complications and features, it is more likely to be a basic one. However, the advanced blind spot systems are a bit expensive in terms of installation service.
  • If your blind spot monitoring system is basic, look for an option between $180 to $250.
  • Suppose the blind spot monitors are complex and complicated to install. The installation cost of blind spot monitoring systems would be between $250 to $500.

OYI company's factory areaConclusion:

Every blind spot system needs precise and ideal installation to work reliably. The system’s functionality can never reach its full potential until the installation is absolute. Therefore, the safety of your life and the vehicle rely upon the installation procedure.

The importance of installation demands an experienced and well-versed individual for installation. However, the installation cost of the blind spot monitoring systems is a contradicting choice. Many service providers out there offer premium installation on an extremely low budget. Although, their service is not that credible. So, the optimum choice would be to pay a bit high to ensure your safety. This way, you’ll get a guarantee of the accurate and precise system from a credible source, along with your vehicle’s safety.

If you have any questions, pls contact us!

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