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Dangers Of Blind Spots On Trucks | Recent Milan Incidents

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Did you hear about the truck accidents in Milan? In different cases, oxygen and semi-truck have suffered fatal crashes. These increasingly dangerous incidents have led the government to take some necessary precautions. On July 11, a proposal was accepted to restrict all commercial vehicles that don’t have blind spot sensors installed.

This proposal is under consideration because most truck accidents had occurred in blind spots. That is why these areas are labeled as “no zones.” But is the proposal accepted? If so, then what would it mean? Let’s go through everything you need to know about blind spots on trucks and the new EU policy for it.


Is EU Banning Commercial Vehicles Without Blind Spot Sensors?

Currently, the government has not approved the proposal to ban commercial vehicles without blind sensors. This agenda was shared in a meeting between the Council of Mobility and concerned associations on May 19, 2023. That was soon after the oxygen truck’s fatal accident in Milan.

During this meeting, members discussed the dangers of blind spots on trucks. They also proposed banning commercial vehicles longer than 12 meters from traveling without sensors during daytime in area B. If accepted, it would have become a policy to be implemented from October 2023.


Later on July 11, the City Council approved this proposal to restrict commercial vehicles from daytime traveling between 6:00 to 22:00. Even though it is not entirely accepted yet, many people have already started protesting against it, including Fai Conftrasporto’s president.

As of now, the proposal has yet to be entirely adopted. But the City Council aims to ban commercial vehicles without sensors, considering the deadly concrete mixer accident with a cyclist on May 8. In contrast, the Municipality of Milan wants to extend the daytime restriction to all vehicles, not limited to trucks.

How are Blind Spots on Trucks Dangerous?

Whether the EU makes it a policy or not, blind spots on trucks are extremely dangerous. Most commercial vehicle accidents happen due to these no zones. That’s simply because you get no view of these areas, regardless of how well you position the side view mirrors.

Since a truck is larger than a small car, it has more no zones. All four sides are blind spots of commercial vehicles. How is that? Let’s take a look.


1. Direct Front

A small car or bicycle traveling closely in the truck’s front area becomes invisible to the driver. You have to consider that trucks are larger in build than cars. Thus, any vehicle in close proximity can collide.

2. Direct Rear

The truck’s rear-view mirror doesn’t provide the best view for its immediate rear. A smaller vehicle can get practically invisible, unknowingly to the trucker. And it can also collide if the truck suddenly hits the brake or slows down.

3. Driver Side

The left blind spot on vehicles is generally the least dangerous. It is closer to the driver’s side view mirror, allowing them a better view. But since the truck is longer, smaller vehicles can crash into it when the trucker is turning or changing lanes.

4. Passenger Side

Right off the bat, the right blind spot is the most dangerous blind spot. The side view mirror of the passenger side is distant from the driver. Also, the truck’s blind blocks the view, making it nearly impossible to see.

4 Tips To Avoid Blind Spots on Trucks

Blind spots on trucks can lead to fatal accidents. Here are a few tips to avoid these no zones and drive safely.

1. Position Mirrors Efficiently

Make sure to position your side-view and rear-view mirrors to get the most out of them. They should provide a clear road view, showing all nearby vehicles. Another tip is frequently cleaning these mirrors, especially in extreme weather conditions.

2. Alert Others About Your Moves

The Milan accident involving a concrete mixer and cyclist occurred due to no notifications. When the commercial vehicle turned right, the cyclist had no idea. The truck driver also missed the cyclist because of the blind spot. These blind spots on trucks are extremely dangerous. Avoid this mistake by notifying nearby cars when changing lanes or turning.

3. Follow the Speed Limit

While it may seem inconsiderate, following the road’s speed limit can be very helpful. It can save truckers from many fatal accidents.

4. Use Blind Spot Sensors

As instructed by the City Council, the EU will probably ban vehicles without Sensori di punti ciechi. Thus, it’s high time you stay secure with the benefits of this system. While other tips can be helpful to some extent, a blind spot detection system is the ultimate solution.

5 Ways Blind Spot Sensors on Commercial Vehicles Can Help?

Undoubtedly, blind sensors on commercial vehicles are the ultimate safety solution. These systems can save you from fatal accidents. Here are 5 ways they help against blind spots on trucks:


1. Real-time Protection

A blind spot sensor protects you and others on the road. It gives you real-time updates of your no zones. You can make informed decisions knowing vehicles are lurking in your blind spots. This information can save you from impactful collisions, ensuring your safety.

2. Easy Installation

Generally, blind spot detection systems have easy installation methods. Most modern models come with a plug-and-play setup. That means every trucker can install these systems, even inexperienced ones. Moreover, most models come with a product manual for specific instructions. Thus, you wouldn’t need professional assistance to set this up.

3. Minimum Maintenance

Most blind spot sensors do not require maintenance. You might have to clean them occasionally, but that’s all. The best part is that you wouldn’t need a professional to maintain these systems. Hence, you can minimize the costs on that end.

4. Simple Operation

A blind spot detection system has a straightforward working mechanism. Its sensors emit microwaves to detect oncoming vehicles. The alert system triggers to notify the trucker of a vehicle’s presence. In turn, the truck driver can make responsive decisions and stay safe.

5. Durable & Resistant

An excellent blind spot system can serve you for a long time. These sensors have continued to offer accurate information on roads for years. They are resistant to extreme weather conditions, like rainstorms, snow, etc. Microwave millimeter radar sensors can detect precisely, even in fog and dust.

Is It a Good Verdict to Ban Commercial Vehicles Without Blind Spot Sensors in Milan?

According to recent happenings, a ban on commercial vehicles without blind spot sensors seems possible in Milan. The City Council has approved the proposal to restrict trucks’ traffic during daylight hours. But is it a good decision? The short answer is yes. And that is mainly due to three reasons. Let’s look at them:

1. To Minimize Road Accidents

Truck accidents are becoming increasingly common in Milan. According to stats, most of these collisions occur due to blind spots on trucks. Thus, it is the right step to promote a driving assistance tool at this time. A blind spot sensor can minimize these road accidents by providing accurate information to the truck driver. As a result, they can protect themselves and other vehicles on the road.

2. To Reduce Trucking Frequency

Trucks have become more prevalent in Milan than ever. Many construction sites are in operation, demanding commercial vehicle services. Most of these trucks do not have driving assistance equipment. Thus, they are more vulnerable to deadly road accidents.

3. To Increasing Driving Awareness

A truck blind spot sensor doesn’t just keep the trucker safe; it also improves driving awareness by increasing the driver’s decision-making ability. At the same time, it increases the response time in challenging scenarios. Hence, truckers become more skilled using this system.

How to Comply with the Changing Environment In Milan?

Blind spots on trucks and commercial vehicles have shown to be highly dangerous, as seen in recent Milan accidents. But you can stay safe and comply with the new policies by using a blind spot sensor.

Where to get it? Look no further than our excellent driving safety solutions. Our blind spot systems are available at factory prices because we don’t deal with an intermediary. Additionally, we test our sensors in different challenging scenarios. This simple trick has helped us maintain a failure rate of only 1%.

We have a higher production rate for blind spot detection systems. Thus, you can order one today and make the most out of its benefits. We also customize orders for businesses looking to promote their brand. Our remote assistance for installation and maintenance stays active 24/7. Thus, you can never go wrong with our blind spot sensors. Contact us today to get a free price quote on your required system!


The recent truck accidents Milan have given us an insight into the dangers of blind spots on trucks. These no zones can lead to fatal accidents if not handled properly. Driving fatigue and distraction are two of the most common reasons for collisions.

You can eliminate these causes by using a blind spot sensor. It keeps you updated on your surroundings, ensuring you make better decisions. Make sure to upgrade your truck with this driving assistance system to comply with the changing policy in Milan.

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