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Collision Avoidance System Mining | Integration Of Automated Safety In Mine Vehicles

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Did you know there are over 6 million deaths worldwide each year? It becomes clearer every day that the automation of industrial vehicles can be a vital component in reducing such numbers. The upgrade and application of automated safety are paramount to stopping the loss in the mining industry.

CAS Collision Avoidance System is one of the premium components of this automated safety application. It can minimize the risk of accidents, which are very costly and can result in serious injuries or even death for workers. Plus, it also improves productivity, making it possible to work more safely in dangerous workplaces.collision avoidance system mining

Collision avoidance system mining can help prevent injuries and loss in the workplace. It is possible by alerting workers of a hazard before it occurs. This article will explain a collision avoidance system and how it works. Moreover, we will also highlight why you should use one in your mine vehicles.

Need For Collision Avoidance System Mining

Mining is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. The reason is the fact that miners work in areas where there are no safety rules and no safety measures whatsoever. So, it means that accidents can occur at any time and due to multiple reasons. One of those reasons is decreased vision. Besides that, improper knowledge about working machines also impacts the process. In order to avoid these accidents, mining companies use different proximity detection systems.

The need for collision avoidance system mining is increasing. The reason behind it is that the number of accidents and injuries is on the rise. As a result, it leads to increased costs and decreased yield. To counter these issues, companies have started investing in automated safety systems. It can help reduce risks linked with working underground or using heavy-duty gear for a longer time.

A collision avoidance system is one of those assisting systems. Miners integrate it into a mine vehicle’s control system. Besides that, it is also mounted on top of the vehicle as an add-on component. Collision avoidance systems are a vital part of the mining industry, as they help prevent injuries and damage to equipment. These systems should be able to detect objects that are close by and warn users in time. Moreover, it should also be able to differentiate between different objects, such as rocks, trees, and other people.

collision avoidance system functions

Mainly, collision avoidance system mining provides automatic assistance during movement. It is possible using sensors such as radar detectors. Furthermore, it detects objects ahead of itself before they impact another thing nearby or even itself.

How’s that possible?

Microwave radars are the reason behind that. These millimeter wave radar sensors emit microwave beams. These beams help detect vehicles and obstacles actively. That is why it improves vision. Plus, it prevents unwanted collisions through collision avoidance solutions.

Collision avoidance system’s main function

Collision avoidance is one of the most important functions of a mining machine. It is also one of the most complicated one. The reason is that it requires advanced computer software and sensors to detect and avoid collisions with other objects in the mine.

The main purpose of collision avoidance system mining is to prevent injuries caused by collisions. Yet, you can also use them for other purposes, such as improving product yield or reducing costs through reduced downtime.

The primary functions of a collision awareness system are as follows:

  • It is used to avoid collisions between vehicles and obstacles. This feature has all its basis around the help of sensors. These detect and analyze objects ahead and around the vehicle. Next, Through the system alert,the driver can control speed, direction, braking and steering accordingly. Besides, a collision detection algorithm controls all these functions without human conflict!
  • The collision avoidance system mining can help create a linked network of working machines. As a result, any two of these never come close to each other. Therefore, any mishap’s chances drop greatly with the integration of a collision avoidance system.
  • This system is ideal for increasing the work capacity for employees. It is possible by decreasing the downtime caused by the damage to vehicles. Therefore, along with safety, it can also provide you economic benefits for miners.

Safety Induction In Mine Vehicles Through Cas | How Does It Work?

With collision avoidance system mining in place, you can be sure that your equipment will operate safely and efficiently. A collision avoidance system works by using sensors to detect approaching objects. Then it slows down or stops the vehicle so that it does not collide with the object.

Its general principle states that the collision avoidance system (CAS) in mining is a product that uses sensors or radars. Its main function is to detect obstacles in the path of a moving vehicle. Furthermore, this intelligent transportation system uses an algorithm. This complex expression helps the system assess when it’s safe to proceed. In case of any obstacle ahead, The system will alert the operator to an obstacle to avoid hitting it.

collision avoidance solutions

Now that you know its general working process let’s dive in deeper for a better grip.

The working of CAS does not use cameras much. The reason is low vision due to Mine equipment with oversized sight lines and many blind spots. Therefore, most of the time, these systems use radar sensors. Basically, the overall working procedure has 3 main steps.

● Detection:

The very first step is for the collision avoidance system mining to acknowledge the presence of an obstacle in the path. That is possible through the millimeter wave radar sensor. This sensor sends continuous waves from one point to the other. Remember, this sensor has both a transmitter and receiver built into it.

For that reason, it also collects any disrupted wave data that helps to asses that something is present in the way of a moving vehicle.

● Assessment:

Once the object is detected, the system will have to measure its risk potency. It means the system will measure attributes like speed, location, the direction of movement, and the work span of vehicles. In that way, the collision avoidance system mining algorithm will have better knowledge to judge. That is why it can decide better whether the obstacle is a hazard for the vehicle.

● Action:

Once the idea of detection and obstacle risk assessment is complete, now comes the time to deal with it. That is possible only with proper actions of the system. However, these aren’t the same for everyone. Some of these CAS isn’t much advanced in performing the actions.

That is the reason a typical collision avoidance system mining only alerts the driver about the potential hazard. It is possible through a set of signaling alarms such as buzzers or warning lights.

The second type of CAS has much more benefit and authority regarding action effect. These can judge the objects and also take appropriate safety measures all by themselves. These include braking and steering diversion.

Remember, all these steps are for the main function, which is collision prevention. You can use collision avoidance system mining. For this purpose, drivers have to install the alarm light and buzzer inside the vehicle. In that way, If someone or an object approaches, or if the mine car is close to people or objects around, the warning light and buzzer inside the car will warn the driver accordingly to prevent a collision.

Advantages Of Collision Avoidance System In Mining

There are many advantages to using a collision avoidance system in mining. You’ll see how accurate this statement is when you consider how efficiently the product reduces the damage that can occur.

collision avoidance system advantages

Out of the massive range of benefits, we’ll list some of the CAS pros in mining below.

  • It reduces the risk of injuries by reducing or stopping crashes. Therefore, improving employee safety.
  • It reduces or stops collisions between vehicles traveling along different routes in tunnels or underground corridors. As a result, it can cut down on downtime from damaged equipment caused by hitting one another during mining, Therefore, it saves both time and money.
  • The collision avoidance system mining improves work capacity. It does so by decreasing the hefty time old methods require for tunnel inspection. It is possible through radars to detect the cave or tunnel shape and obstacles in it without any light. That means less downtime overall when compared with old-school mining techniques.


As for the takeaway, collision avoidance system mining is known to be an automated safety measure. It uses various sensors, radars, etc., for detecting and tracking the relative positions of personnel or any other moving objects and gear and various immobile obstacles present in the vehicle path. So, we say it is a crucial part of safety induction in mines.

GlobalData’s survey states that 47% of mining sites have CAS already installed in their vehicles. Moreover, the other 49% are about to install the system in the upcoming two years. If you consider employee safety and your economic budget analysis a priority, you should get out of that remaining 4% and invest in CAS as soon as possible!

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