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5 Must-Have Factors to Choose Best Dash Cam for Truckers

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Dash cams have been around for a long time. They became popular in the ‘90s due to their applications in law enforcement vehicles. Surprisingly, the Soviet Union was the first country to utilize this driving assistance device. Today, these cameras come pre-installed in most cars and heavy vehicles. Even if not, you can easily get the best dash cam for truckers from the market.

While dash cams are useful for cars, they are even more beneficial for trucks and other commercial vehicles. They make truck driving safer, more secure, and highly efficient. However, the market is flooded with these devices. So which one to choose?


Well, there’s no need to worry. This guide will help you select the ideal wireless dash cam for your truck. Let’s get started!

How do Dash Cams Work?

Although you will find many variations in dash cams, their primary functions work similarly. These devices use a power source from your truck to record footage. The screen generally mounts on the dashboard or windscreen. It starts recording an HD real-time video when you start your car.

Since dash cams connect to the truck’s primary 12-volt power source, they start automatically. They detect the ignition key and immediately begin recording. The cameras are also typically connected to the screen. Thus, it also places on the windscreen or dashboard.

However, the working mechanism can vary depending on the dash cam type. Some only record the frontal area, while others have cameras only on the vehicle’s back. But the best dash cam front and rear can record both parts of the road.


These dash cams save their footage on SD cards. You might be wondering how long it can record for. Well, it depends on the video quality and size. But here is a standard 1080p camera with its footage durations:

  • 8 GB of footage (55 – 60 minutes)
  • 16 GB of footage (110 – 120 minutes)
  • 32 GB of footage (220 – 240 minutes)

Why Do You Need The Best Dash Cam for Truckers?

The best dash cam for truckers can be a lifesaver. It can help assist you with truck driving activities. Moreover, it enhances the experience by increasing its safety and efficiency. Let’s look at some ways how this device can help truckers.


  • The real-time recording of a dash cam can be your extra set of eyes on the road.
  • You can review the recorded footage and identify your driving mistakes.
  • Fleet managers can use dash cams to find the optimal route with the lowest fuel consumption.
  • Dash cams make drivers more accountable during incidents due to the evidence of recorded footage.
  • You can monitor the vehicle’s inside to ensure security and protection.
  • Potential thieves are less likely to break into a vehicle with recording capability.
  • A dash cam for semi trucks helps you safely park and reverse from a parking spot.
  • Cameras recording inside the truck can keep the cargo secure.
  • You can help law enforcers with recorded videos in an incident.

5 Factors to Consider for Best Dash Cam for Truckers

Every dash cam can be beneficial in one way or another. However, it is essential to consider some factors when buying this device. They can help you pick the right option that fits your needs and budget.

Without any further ado, here are the 5 factors to consider for the best dash cam for truckers.

1. Display Quality

The video quality matters the most. Whether it is a single-camera, dual-camera, or 3 camera dash cam for trucks, if its display is below 720p, you shouldn’t buy it. Generally, most systems have 720p or 1080p video qualities. However, older dash cams can also have 480p or 640p.

You can also go for UHD (Ultra High-Definition) or 4k cameras. But note that these dash cams will require a much more capable SD card. The higher the video quality, the more storage consumption.

2. Storage Capacity

The storage capacity can vary from dash cam model to model. Most modern devices come with a 256GB SD card. However, older models are equipped with 32 or 64GB cards. Although they are somewhat helpful, they can only record a few hours of footage.

Having lower storage can cut down the footage duration. Make sure to choose a dash cam with optimal memory. It can help you store all the essential videos for your needs. Additionally, many systems can allow changing SD cards if one gets full. Pick a dash cam with this option to continue recording without worrying about deleting the required footage.

3. Screen Size

Every dash cam comes with a monitor to display the footage. Generally, it is attached to the camera for optimal space management. However, it is better to choose a good screen size. A smaller one can make it difficult to view. Alternatively, a larger screen can stretch the pixels, lowering down the video quality.

The display size is directly related to the quality. The best dash cam for truckers should have a medium screen size with a good video resolution.

4. Number of Cameras

A dash cam can have more than one camera. A popular example is the 3 camera dash cam for trucks. It records the front and rear parts of the vehicle, with one camera in the interior. If you are a new driver and want extra protection, go with multiple cameras. These can help you with more sets of eyes on the road.

However, opt for a simple single-camera dash cam if you want the old-school version. It works effectively for professional drivers and fleet managers.

5. Dash Cam Type

You might be surprised to know that a dash cam comes in different types. The most common option is a forward-facing dash camera. It records the record which is in front of the vehicle. With its real-time recording, this type helps you make quick and informed decisions.

However, the second time is known as the backward-facing dash cam. It records the driver and passenger cabin of a truck. This type can prevent potential thieves from breaking and entering your vehicle. Thus, it comes in handy for cargo trucks carrying valuable goods.

Steps to Install Wired and Wireless Dash Cam

Have you bought a dash cam but don’t know how to install it? Well, there’s no need to panic. Read the steps below to learn wired and wireless dash cam installation methods.

  1. Choose the optimal mounting location in your truck. Make sure the camera catches the best view so that you can ensure maximum protection.
  2. Connect the display cable to the camera and power source.
  3. Similarly, link the monitor to your truck’s power source.
  4. Mount the screen on your dashboard.
  5. Start your truck with the ignition key to see if the dash cam works.

For a wireless camera, you can skip steps 2 and 3. These dash cams connect wirelessly via Bluetooth or Wifi to the display screen. However, some wireless systems may also have a power cable for the monitor.

A pro tip is to hide the cables behind the windscreen and seats to keep the interior organized and clean. But you do not have to worry about this aspect in a wireless dash camera.

The best dash cam for truckers is one with easy installation and maintenance. This way, you will not need to spend more bucks for professional assistance. Make sure to read the product manual for specific instructions.

Advantages of a Dash Cam for Truckers

Let’s say you are not yet convinced to buy the best dash cam for truckers. Here are some benefits that will surely convince you to use this powerful driving assistance device:


Countless Applications

A dash cam is one of the most versatile driving assistance devices. You can use it in your car, truck, bus, van, or emergency vehicle. It is even popular for professional applications, like fleet management.

Ease of Use

Dash cams do not require training to understand their working. These are simple devices with easy installation. You can easily operate them due to their straightforward mechanism.

Low to No Maintenance

Generally, maintenance is not a problem in dash cams. You might need to change the batteries or SD cards occasionally to ensure a longer lifespan.

Powerful Camera

A dash cam system consists of a powerful camera that can minimize glare with its polarized technology. It also offers premium color quality with adjustable brightness.

Similarly, the best dash cam for truckers with night vision allows you to view the road effortlessly at night.

Extra Features

If you want to go one step ahead, choose a feature-rich dash cam. It packs functions like GPS navigation and memory management. These options are highly advantageous for professional drivers and fleet managers.


Buying the best dash cam for truckers is only a few steps away. First, review your requirements and research different options. Go for a pick that fits your truck type and packs all the essential features. The ideal choice will have a higher video quality, robust features, good screen size, and capable memory.

With a powerful dash cam on your side, you can ensure maximum safety for you, your truck, and others on the road. Make sure to combine this driving assistance device with your best driving practices.

If you have any questions, welcome to contact us!

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