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If blind spot monitoring is so good, why is it only fitted high-end car

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“I could see no cars in my mirrors, but as soon as I hit my turn signal to change lanes, there was a sharp honk from behind the car and I almost bumped into them, how did that happen.” Due to the body structure, the blind spots in the exterior mirrors are difficult to eliminate, thus giving birth to the blind spot monitoring feature. The so-called blind spot detection is the use of radar to detect whether there are cars approaching behind the adjacent lane and whether there are cars in the blind spot of the rearview mirror. When a car is approaching or there is a car in the blind spot, the blind spot monitoring system will alert the driver by means of sound and lights to prevent accidents.

blind spot monitoring system

How much does the original blind spot monitoring cost?

The blind spot detection system is very simple to activate, as long as the vehicle speed is greater than 10km/h, it automatically activates and detects the situation 3m to the left and 3m to the right and 8m to the rear of the vehicle. The system is also blind zone detection, but what is the difference between a 100,000 car and a 1 million luxury car? If we continue to merge, the system will not only warn us, but the steering wheel will also give you a tug, pulling the car back into the original lane to avoid an accident.

If blind spot detection is so good, why do many people still not buy it? The reason is simple: one word: expensive! Two words, very expensive! For example, the Nissan Xuan Yi is equipped with blind-spot detection, the top version is 30,000 yuan more expensive than the lowest version, the difference has reached a third of the price of the car, this alone is enough to make you back off. Therefore, I sincerely hope that manufacturers can lower the threshold and popularise blind spot detection so that more people can enjoy the safety, after all, blind spot monitoring is far more practical than automatic parking, which is a kind of fancy work.

blind spot monitoring system

Original vs. after installation, in the end,How to choose?

The question arises, if the car is not equipped with blind-zone monitoring, then we go to the shop to retrofit the third-party accessories, in the end, is not reliable?

To this end, I attended the “BSD Development Exploration and Marketing Practice Seminar Salon” held in Shenzhen, where Mr. Liao, General Manager of Lingxing Intelligence, introduced that the optimization of the blind zone monitoring system of the original international car manufacturers at this stage has been excellent, and it is very user-friendly to use. On the other hand, Wang Rihua, Vice President of Smartwave Technology, also warned the majority of consumers that when retrofitting third-party blind zone monitoring systems, they should always choose a manufacturer that has cooperated with the car manufacturers and should not be greedy for small bargains. This is enough to show that there is no shortage of strong third-party accessory vendors in the market, which can serve as a second choice for consumers.

At this stage, if you buy a car very important blind zone monitoring configuration, then you have two choices, one is to choose a high model, although the price is not high, after all, save the trouble, the new car to hand blind zone monitoring will have, very suitable for the original control of consumers; two is to choose and car manufacturers have cooperation with third-party accessories, although the installation is not convenient, the whole set of system offers only two thousand to three thousand, compared to the original plant easily tens of thousands of prices, the price is simply bursting, is simply the gospel of low car owners ah.

blind spot monitoring system

So many aftermarket manufacturers, Who is the best choice?

Although the price of the rear-mounted blind spot monitoring system is very affordable, but the “pit” inside is really quite a lot. The most significant difference between the two is that when the car is driving at high speed, the ultrasonic distance measurement cannot keep up with the real-time changes in the car’s distance, resulting in a large error; while the 24GHz can monitor the blind zone in real-time during the car’s driving process, the most important thing is that it can be used all day, so you no longer have to worry about bad weather. The most important thing is that it can be used all day long, so you no longer have to worry about bad weather. This is why you should always choose a 24GHz radar when buying an aftermarket blind spot monitoring system!

At this stage, what level of rear-mounted blind spot monitoring systems have been achieved? What do you need to be aware of when installing them? For this reason, I especially found the big names to answer, Mr. Liao, general manager of Lingxing Intelligence, told me that I must choose a manufacturer that has cooperated with the car manufacturers, and many manufacturers have done very well, basically reaching 10,000 kilometers without false alarm. And for the after-sales aspect, Ou Ge trade general manager Lin Meihua also mentioned that consumers should choose qualified big brand accessories, manufacturers of the installation of after-sales more professional, especially the blind spot monitoring effect and master technical level directly linked, so the master’s professionalism and responsibility are particularly important.

Blind spots are often linked to safety, and driving safety is a top priority for every car owner. Although car manufacturers have introduced blind spot monitoring into mainstream models, the high price makes many consumers cry “I can’t afford it”. At this point, you may wish to consider the products of third-party manufacturers, which are highly recommended for their affordable prices and reliable performance.

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