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What’s The Approximate Cost Of Blind Spot Monitoring?

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We know being human, our driving skills are not perfect. It is impossible to monitor every inch of the road on our own. For that reason, the blind spot monitoring system is must-have equipment for our car. Spending petty cash to save yourself and your vehicle from unwanted collisions is not a bad idea at all.

cost of blind spot monitoring

So, how much money would you need for the system? To be honest, it’s not a lot.! Especially considering the fact that these systems will help you save your life. The overall cost of blind spot monitoring system is the same. However, the price keeps changing due to changing functions and technical parameters. Keep reading to find the variant suitable for you.

How Do Blind Spot Detection Systems Variants Differ With Respect To The Cost?

Every blind spot detection system has different functions. Some have an additional buzzer alarm system, while some got two radars with extra mirrors. Not only that, but some products have a built-in camera system. All of this directly impacts the cost. The cost of a blind spot monitoring system puts them into the following categories.

cost of blind spot monitoring car blind spot warning system 24G V2

Cost Of Blind Spot Monitoring System Ranging From 100 $ To 350 $:

If you are looking for a budget blind spot system, you must go within this range. These products have the minimum requirements that you need to keep your car safe. For that reason, choosing these will not only be cost-reductive but lifesaving as well.

Some of the blind spot detection systems that fall into this category are as follows:

Blind Spot Detection System With A 24GHz Radar And A Single Indicator Light:

One of the factors on which the cost of blind spot monitoring system depends is the number of parts in the package. These systems have only two main parts.

  • A single radar that goes on the vehicle’s back or side.
  • Along with the radar is a single indicator light for alarm.

There are several additional accessories added to the package that aid in installation. Moreover, there isn’t any complicated equipment included. That is why these types of blind spot systems are the simplest ones.

The cost of blind spot monitoring systems under this category ranges from 100 $ to 150 $.

However, there are several drawbacks to these systems. Due to this, they are not preferred among the drivers. We will compare some of its benefits and drawbacks below:

Sr No. Advantages Disadvantages
It is easy to install. Its alarm range is lower.
It is less costly. It has lower detection accuracy.
It is easy to operate. It has fewer specific functions.


Keep in mind that going below the mentioned cost of blind spot monitoring system will have its consequences. You will have to compromise on elements like build-quality, credibility, and basic working principle. Plus, anyone selling below this ideal price will seem highly fishy. Because there isn’t any way for firms to get revenue by selling below the listed cost of a blind spot monitoring system. (Minimum 100 $)

Blind Spot Systems With Two 77GHz Radar And A Pair Of Warning Lights:

cost of blind spot monitoring car universal blind spot monitor 77G H1

The 77GHz radar and an extra headline make it superior to the 24GHz one. For that reason, these blind spot systems are a bit more advanced than the previous category. As mentioned earlier, these systems have a pair of lights. The lights warn the driver about both sides according to the detection signals. Moreover, it has a buzzer in some of the system packages.

The overall cost of blind spot monitoring systems under this sub-type is 150 $ to 300 $

This system is not only better but more expensive as well. Therefore, it has its own benefits:


Sr No. Advantages Disadvantages
It has a better alarm range. (up to 50m) It is expensive.
It has better detection accuracy. (0.1m) Its technical wiring is sensitive and vulnerable to damage.
It is also easy to install and operate. It is not effective if a metal object blocks the radar.
The pair of indicator warning lights make the alarm procedure better. Sometimes it can misguide the driver by false or no detection at all.
5. Due to greater alarm range, the system detects the object early. So, the time for the driver to respond increases. The blind spot sensor installation price of 77GHz is higher.

Cost Of Blind Spot Monitoring System Ranging From 350 $ To 750 $:

This category of blind spot systems belongs to flagship products. Every piece of equipment in this category has premium features. That is why it assists the drivers in improving their vehicle handling.

Products in this list are pretty expensive. Therefore, these will ensure a better experience and your car’s safety. These products are for enthusiasts that want something extra. With increasing prices, every blind spot in the category will increase in special functioning. For that reason, most drivers prefer these blind spot detection systems

24GHz Blind Spot System With Advanced Alarm System And Camera Screens:

24G 11R truck blind spot detection system

The cost of blind spot monitoring system under this subclass is from 350 $ to 450 $. It is still muchly affordable. However, the high-priced product speaks for itself. The parts you’ll get within the package are as follows:

  • A pair of indicator lights
  • A buzzer
  • A screen to monitor the camera view
  • A pair of 24 GHz Radars

Unlike the 24Ghz blind spot detection monitor in the previous category, this one has an advanced alarm system. This procedural alarm consists of a pair of lights and a buzzer. Additionally, the firm provides you with a screen and one or more cameras. You can review the feed from the cameras on the screen.

Some of the benefits that you’ll be getting from this sub-category are as follows:

  • It has a much better detection response rate.
  • Its alarm area is larger.
  • It is very accurate in detection.
  • It can measure displacement, distance, and vehicle speed with great precision.
  • It can protect you and your car much better.

However, there are some drawbacks as well. Such as

  • It is more expensive than other options in the market.
  • It is not easy to install.
  • It is difficult to operate.
  • It has a higher blind spot detection system installation cost

77GHz / 79GHz Blind Spot System With Extra Screen And Cameras:

These blind spot systems are one of the top fishes in the market. The cost of blind spot monitoring system for this sub-category is 450 $ to 750 $. The main constituents of the blind spot monitor kit are as follows:

  • Two 77GHz or 79GHz millimeter wave radars
  • A pair of lights
  • A buzzer
  • One or more cameras
  • In-vehicle screen

These blind view monitors are top-tier products. Therefore these have numerous benefits for drivers. Such as

  • They have a vast detection area.
  • Their detection accuracy is very precise.
  • They have the ability to measure relative displacement, distance, and vehicle speed accurately.
  • These systems have a camera. So, you can always monitor what is in the blind spots. Thanks to cameras and the screen, you won’t have to rely on the radar only.
  • The product has a premium build quality and better integrity.
  • The product can withstand harsh weather conditions like rain and fog.
  • The advanced alarming procedure prevents accidents

Its major drawbacks are:

  • It is expensive
  • It has a high blind spot monitor installation cost

What Factors Affect The Cost Of Blind Spot Monitoring Systems?

Every part of the product has a direct impact on its overall functioning. Therefore, the cost of blind spot monitoring system keeps changing with the change of parts. Moreover, the type of vehicle and the country or region also affects the cost to add blind spot detection. We will discuss some of those factors in detail here.

Radar Sensor Of The Blind Spot Warning Detection system:

The most important part of a blind spot system is its radar. Radar is the reason for object detection by the system. Therefore, improving the radar improves detection area and accuracy.

Blind spot systems have numerous radar options, but three are common. The one at the start is 24GHz. Whereas, the top tiers are 77GHz and 79 GHz. the numbers of a radar depict its frequency band. The higher the frequency band, the better will be the detection. Same as that, the better system detects things, the faster it will alarm the driver and prevent unwanted accidents.

However, the cost of production of these radars increases with the frequency band levels. So, the frequency band of radar directly relates to the cost of blind spot monitoring system.

Technical Functionality:

The technical functions of a product can vary across different models. That is due to the change in vehicle type, the voltage required, the car’s battery, and the vehicle’s structure. Some of the parameters that help increase or decrease the overall cost of blind spot monitoring system are as follows:

Detection Area:

You can also refer to it as the alarm area. It is the area under which the microwaves or radio waves of radar are functional. The greater detection area shows that the product is more reliable and befitting. For that reason, an increase in detection area increases the cost of blind spot monitoring systems and vice versa. An ideal range of detection area is 25m to 50m depending on your vehicle type.

Detection Accuracy:

It is another term related to radars and object detection. It is the ability of a system to detect an object with extreme precision. We measure the product’s precision and detection accuracy in meters. Any blind spot system that has a detection accuracy range of 0.1m-0.2m is ideal for your vehicle. Same as detection area, its increase also elevates the cost of blind spot monitoring systems.

Along with these technical specifications, some key elements impact the price, such as;

  • Radar angle
  • of radars and indicator lights
  • Screen and cameras for extra monitoring


Every firm tries to make its product as durable as possible. That is because, being outside the vehicle, the equipment is always exposed to harmful environmental factors. Rain storms, extreme fog, and dusty winds can damage the product, especially the radar. For that reason, it must be durable enough to withstand these conditions.

Companies use strong and light products or better quality plastic for their production. It increases the price of production. So, the cost of blind spot monitoring system also increases.

Type Of Your Vehicle:

You cannot use the same blind spot system on every vehicle. Same as that, you cannot use a motorcycle blind spot system on a car or a car blind spot monitor on a truck. Every one of these has a specific system according to the function and elemental specifications.

Truck blind spot systems are usually the most expensive. In comparison, the cost of blind spot monitoring system for motorcycles is the least among every other competitor.

What Is The Ideal Purchase Cost Of Blind Spot Monitoring System And Where To Find One?

Firstly, you must know what type of blind spot system would suit your vehicle the best. If you have a vehicle with a longer length, it is better to look for a blind spot system that has the maximum detection range and accuracy.

However, if you are looking for a motorbike, try to find the more durable one.

  • For cars, look for the cost of blind spot monitoring system within 200 $ to 500 $. Anything above it is extra, while everything below is risky.
  • For motorcycles, try to find your choice within 150 $ 300 $.
  • For trucks, try to find the suitable one within 250 $ to 650 $

What Is The Installation Cost Of Blind Spot Monitoring System And Its Factors?

Installing basic blind spot systems is not an issue. However, with expensive and futuristic products, it becomes complex. At that time, you need a helping hand to install the equipment.

Installing a blind spot system may cost you around 100 $ to 200 $ according to the complications involved. The higher the complexity, the greater will be the cost of blind spot monitoring system installation.

Factors that may affect the cost to install blind spot monitor are as follows.

  • Level of wire complexion there is in the procedure.
  • The source of working individual. The high-tech firms sometimes give a discount or do it for free for your purchase.

What Drawbacks Does Lower Cost Of Blind Spot Monitoring System Brings With Itself?

It is never a better decision to risk your life just to save some dollars. In fact, spending some extra dollars on protecting yourself and your car from damage is a wiser decision. You might think this isn’t a necessity and save some bucks. However, these savings could cost you your life.

Here are some drawbacks of lower cost blind spot monitoring systems:

Lower Technical Functioning:

Cheaper products have less than average technical specifications. The firms supply lesser value than they claim. That is the biggest reason why sometimes using the blind spot monitoring system does not bring any benefit.

For instance, suppose the detection range of a product is only 10m. It is impossible for it to detect the approaching danger from 25m. Due to late detection and late warning, the driver cannot get enough time to respond. Therefore, collision strikes damage to both; the driver and the vehicle.

Lesser Durability:

Firms selling their products at an unbelievably cheap price cut their costs by compromising on their design and structure. Moreover, they use cheaper products like recycled plastic to produce their material. So, it lowers the cost of blind spot monitoring systems even more. This inexpensive handling and bad finishing make the product less durable. For that reason, these products get non-functional by the slight damage.

OYI company's factory areaConclusion:

Our materialistic society and human behavior have forced us to prefer money over almost everything. However, your safety is something you should never compromise on. In fact, using these monitors must be made a usual practice, no matter what the cost of blind spot monitoring system is.

For the price, it is not that much expensive. If you cannot afford a fully functional buzzer alarm, at least install a single indicator blind spot system. It is not only for your own safety but also for the other individuals on the road. In addition, it’s better to spend on these systems rather spending on vehicle repairs!

This article is the price reference of blind spot sensors in the market, OYI Electronic is a professional manufacturer of aftermarket blind spot monitoring systems, if you need to purchase a blind spot detection system in bulk, please contact us, and we will give the best price, If you have any questions, pls contact us!

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