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5 Benefits Making Rear View Mirror Camera System a Must-Have

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Modern technologies have become a norm in the driving industry. Comparatively, driving is safer and easier, all thanks to rear view mirror camera systems. They add more layers of protection for the driver. The best part is that these technologies are available for all vehicle types. You can install them in your car, truck, bus, motorcycle, and van.

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What is it, and how can you install it? This guide will tell you all about the wireless rear view mirror camera. We will also cover its most impressive benefits that are enough to convince you. So, let’s get started!

About the Rear View Mirror Camera System

The rear view mirror camera system is a safety assistance system that mounts on the existing rear-view mirror. It has an HD lens that provides real-time footage of the road, enabling you to make better decisions. Thus, it combines the best features of a rear-view mirror and dash cam.

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Rear view mirror cameras have recently become more popular. They are an upgrade to the traditional dash cam. That’s because they are easily mountable and visible to the driver. This system is also better than an ordinary mirror as it works digitally and offers a better view.

Types of Rear View Mirror Camera Systems

Before learning rear view mirror camera installation, it is best to know the system’s types. Generally, the system is categorized based on the number of cameras. Let’s look at the two main types to provide you with a clearer picture:

1. Single Camera System

A single camera or single-facing system covers only one side of the road. Typically, these cameras record the vehicle’s frontal area. The display is seen in real-time on the mirror system.

Single-camera systems are useful for covering road incidents. They can record evidence for the driver’s personal security. But it’s not limited to accidents. The system can capture any event occurring directly on your vehicle’s front.

2. Dual Camera System

Generally, new drivers can get overwhelmed on the road. A dual-camera rear view mirror system is the ideal option for them. It covers the front and rear sides of the road while offering the same HD display.

A front and rear view mirror camera system offers a display in split screen mode. You can see output from both cameras simultaneously. These systems come in handy when parking or reversing your vehicle. At the same time, they carry all the best features of a single-camera system.

You may also find other types of rear view mirror cameras. They are also categorized based on their shapes and shapes. But they are considered variants of the two primary types. Modern camera systems have AI-based and data analytics features. They are also helpful but significantly more expensive.

How to Install Rear View Mirror Camera Systems?

The rear view mirror camera installation is pretty straightforward. Most systems come with a manual with specific instructions. These can be helpful when installing the system on a commercial or heavy vehicle.

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However, the process is quite easy for cars, SUVs, and vans. Here’s how to install a rear view mirror camera system:

  • First, install the camera on your vehicle. You can read about the camera placement in the product’s manual. Typically, it is installed above the side window for the optimal angle.
  • Next, mount the system on your existing rear view mirror. Most products come with adjustable brackets and arms. Thus, you can set it until it sits smoothly on the mirror.
  • Lastly, plug the system’s cord into your vehicle’s power source. Pro-tip: You can hide the cables behind the car’s seats to keep the interior organized and clean.

Before heading to the road, you should test the system to see if it works. After plugging in the power cable, turn on the display mirror. Change its settings according to your preferences, and you are all set to hit the road!

5 Benefits of Rear View Mirror Camera System

A rear view mirror camera system has endless benefits. Let’s look at the most significant ones in detail.

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1. Better Driving Awareness

Even the best rear view mirror camera is not a replacement for your safe driving practices. The system makes you a more skilled driver by keeping you alerted. Its cameras provide real-time footage, keeping you updated on the road. Thus, you can make informed decisions even in overwhelming situations.

It is highly recommended not to rely entirely on the system. However, you can combine it with your skills to become a more aware and responsive driver.

2. Easy Installation & Maintenance

Most rear view mirror camera systems offer easy installation. They come with a plug-and-play installation method. That means even an inexperienced driver can use this system. You will rarely require professional assistance to install this mirror.
Since it comes with a product manual, you can always read it for guidance. And the ease doesn’t end there. Its maintenance is also pretty straightforward and doesn’t require professional help.

3. The Best of Both Worlds

This mirror camera system is a hybrid of rear-view mirrors and dash cams. And it is a more efficient alternative to both these tools. It offers real-time video output while serving as a rear-view mirror simultaneously. Hence, you will never feel like using high-end modern technology.

4. Personal Convenience & Satisfaction

The wireless rear view mirror camera can capture road accidents from your perspective. Thus, you can use this footage as evidence against false claims. It helps law enforcers while keeping you satisfied at the same time.
Many people also fall victim to insurance companies because they do not have proof of an incident. This system can be helpful in such scenarios. Plus, it can record your family road trips that you can keep as memories.

5. No Extra Clutter

This system doesn’t take up any extra space in your car. It simply sits on the existing rear-view mirror. Furthermore, it only has one cable that can hide behind the seats. As a result, you can keep your car organized.

Rear View Mirror Camera System Maintenance

Generally, a rear view mirror camera system does not require frequent maintenance. You only have to worry about its batteries as they can run out. These systems use capacitors or lithium-ion batteries. You can read that in your product’s manual. Changing the batteries might be the best solution if you notice unusual behavior.

Another thing to worry about is camera calibration. Sometimes, extreme weather conditions can disrupt the angle. You can check the camera position to ensure it has the optimal recording view.

Lastly, the camera lens can catch dirt, debris, or moisture. Use a soft cloth to clean the lens gently. Regular care and monitoring can increase your system’s life span.

What to Consider When Buying Rear View Mirror Camera System?

You will find many rear view mirror camera systems in the market. But which is the best one? Let’s look at some decisive factors you should consider:


1. Video Modes

The first thing to check is the video modes in the mirror camera system. Everything else is secondary. That’s because you may need to switch your video mode during your journey. Make sure the system supports different options you can change in different scenarios. These may include night vision, split screen, camera switching, etc.

2. Additional Features

Some additional features can assist with your everyday driving activities. For example, a rear view mirror camera with navigation can help with GPS and finding the optimal route. It will work ideally for fleet management as it can analyze the lowest fuel consumption.

Similarly, these systems come with many other features. Some common ones include parking assistance, motion detection, etc. But note that cameras with advanced features will be significantly more expensive.

3. Video Quality

The display quality can play an integral role in deciding a system. All modern systems have 720p or 1080p camera systems. They can provide crystal-clear footage of the road. However, many new systems also have 4K UHD display quality. You can choose an option depending on your requirements and budget.

4. Easy Installation

The installation process can make or break a deal. Most drivers prefer systems that are easy to install. That’s because not everyone is tech-savvy. Typically, older driving rear view mirror systems are challenging to install. They might not sit smoothly on the existing mirror. Plus, their cables can be long and ugly, affecting the car’s interior appearance.

The key is to look for easy-to-install systems. This way, you can save costs on installation and maintenance.


And that’s all you need to know about a rear view mirror camera system before its installation. This driving assistance tool is easy to install and operate. It starts automatically with your vehicle and works throughout your journey.

We highly recommend getting familiar with the system before heading to highways and busy roads. This simple tip can help you use the mirror efficiently and avoid fatal accidents. You can read about the system’s specific instructions in its manual. However, only a practical test will provide you with a better understanding.

If you have any questions,welcome to contact us!

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